What we’ve got here — Dwight Howard up top, Derrick Rose after the jump — are adidas’ new “Fast World” spots. They’re set in some half-animated, “A Scanner Darkly”-type fantasy world and they’re pretty great. I’m particularly fond of the Dwight one, just because I like all the pretty colors. So vibrant.

It’s also funny to see just how different these two dudes are. On one hand, you’ve got Dwight spending the first half of his commercial talking about how he loves tweeting, talking and smiling and then finally mentions that, oh yeah, he also likes playing basketball. On the other, Rose’s is all about how he doesn’t care about anything other than playing basketball, even going so far as to mention that he’ll never put out any music, which is something that Dwight did in October. Kind of hilarious that they’d market these two guys the same way, even though they’re about as different as can be.

These are good though, especially due to the fact that they 100 percent do not contain any Ken Jeong or Jon Heder. It seems we’ve moved past the annoying celebrity cameo for now, and that’s something we can all applaud.