The last time the All-Star Game was in Los Angeles, Brad Miller led the Western Conference to a 136-132 victory. This year, we hope to bring you some of that same goofy, awkward flavor. Wish us luck.

As such, today’s going to be pretty slow. I’m traveling out to El Lay and the other TBJ bros are shooting things. (With cameras, not guns.) That means no show, very few posts and a general lack of content for the entirety of Thursday. Sorry, but it’ll be worth it because we’ll have lots of stuff throughout the weekend. Videos, posts, basically anything that’s great.

Nonetheless, because we’re nerds, we’ll be around the Internet. Feel free to follow me, Skeets, Tas, Matt and JD on Twitter, where we’ll at least be doing stuff like taking pictures of Lamar Odom’s All-Star banner. Plus, if you keep track of our Facebook page, we’ll have little quickie videos over there. So, no “official” content tomorrow, but still lots of stuff. Capisce? Hope so.

And then, don’t forget, Friday we kick off our coverage of the 2011 NBA All-Star Game. It’ll be the biggest, best, Brad Milleriest midseason classic yet.

P.S. Happy birthday, Michael Jordan!