“Live” from a Marriott Downtown hotel room in beautiful L.A., Skeets and Tas weigh in on Bosh’s return to Toronto, those new ‘Melo-to-the-Nets trade rumors, the Cavs’ revenge game, and what movie not to watch if you’re stuck in the middle seat on a long flight. Enjoy our deliriousness, comment away, be back soon.

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Comments (17)

  1. What dream do you want to know the ending too? (The do not disturb @ 00.25)
    Are you referring to the dream you probably used to have when you went to school and realised you were naked?

    I never found out the ending to that!

  2. i don’t see a need to boo bosh, dude worked his ass off for the franchise. heck, he played centre half the time against guys who often had 100 pounds on him. twitter posts don’t mean shit, especially if all they did was reveal what we already knew: he wanted to leave toronto. who wouldn’t? if i played 8 years with vince carter or andrea bargnani as my best teammates i’d peace in an instant.

  3. Lakers should be worried that they’re gonna have to play the Spurs without home court and maybe Dallas or OKC too

    also their schedule gets a lot tougher after the all star break

  4. I’m more worried about you guys were sitting in the wrong spots – Skeets left and Tas right – jeez…

  5. How are the drinks there, Tas? Or you just tired?

  6. Just a little tired — the Budweisers are tasting just like home, but we’ll save the good stuff until all our work is done.

  7. Yeah, you gys seem exhausted…

    And I’d boo Bosh, but only because I dislike him, nothing wrong with leaving a franchise that can’t find anyone better than Bargs to play alongside a lean star PF.

  8. ya the fakers should worry a bit becuase they have all the pieces and it just isn’t looking the same as previous years. barnes doesn’t count. I feel like you can watch a faker game and never hear d fish’s name, but you definitly hear ‘artest, 2-10′ a lot more often.

    energy seemed fine to me…enjoy the weekend

  9. Too much Bosh talk. Let it go already.

    Weakest show in a long time. If you’re not going to put for the effort on these shows….blah, blah, blah Bosh. Blah, blah, blah bag of milk.

  10. I have been booing Bryan Colangelo for a long time. If only he was half the basketball mind that his father is. But enough about the woes that continually befall the Raptors.

    I like that a High Life was grabbed from the mini fridge. I can only imagine how much it cost. Ya’ll must have a larger budget than I though.

  11. @Debe

    The game happened yesterday. Your complaining like it happened two weeks ago and their still talking about it. Besides, no one talks about Bosh or the raptors all that much anyway.

  12. [...] Posted by J.E. Skeets under 2011 All-Star Weekend, Score Video, TBJ Video on Feb 17, 2011 “Suite Talk” moves poolside, as Skeets and Tastradumas predict the outcome of every meaningful All-Star event [...]

  13. That’s some shitty lighting.

  14. NO HDtv? thats not a phat suite

  15. i was at the game. there were funny signs that fans brought behind the net so the free throw shooter can see. some dude brought a delonte west face, so everytime lebron shot free throws he sees a giant delonte west. and another funny sign was chris bosh’s face on rupaul =P

  16. I wouldn’t boo him, it’s petty like a spurned ex girlfriend that can’t let go. I was actually glad he left because now the franchise can be built around a true franchise guy (once found).

    At least no one in the organization is pretending they have one right now, not even Bargs. But that was Boshs role until he left and look how successful that turned out. He was never a leader in the locker room as proven by all the comments from former teammates and coaching staff.

    Also, the guy is a complete tool illustrated by his free agency media over exposure and all the pansy things he’s said so far this season. “We just want to chill” “Don’t dive for loose balls, people could get hurt”.

    He didn’t say this kind of stuff before, but now that he’s on a grander stage but overshadowed by his teammates he feels to the need to say and do dumb shit so he gets more attention.

    I respect him for the work he put in, but I’m glad he’s gone and I don’t care enough about him to boo him.

  17. You can watch games 4-10p instead of 7p-1a late as fuck in the morning. And you need to pump up the volume, I can barely hear you guys unless I set my msi notebook on max.

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