Yesterday, following the debut of the EA Sports version of the Nike Zoom KD III, I had a chance to talk to Thunder All-Star Kevin Durant in Santa Monica, CA. He talked about all the important things — playing basketball against rappers, shooting in the three-point contest and which actress should win an Oscar.


Trey Kerby: We’re in California this weekend. So the big question is — Are you finally going to take on Lil B?

Kevin Durant: Lil B’s scared of me. (laughs)

TK: Yeah? I can’t imagine he’d want to step to you. Anyway, it’s your first time starting the All-Star Game. What does it mean to you to be voted in by the fans?

KD: It means a lot, man. It just means that as a player, people are starting to recognize how hard I work and what I do on the floor and also how I carry myself off the floor. It just means a lot. I really appreciate everybody voting for me. It’s a dream come true.

TK: There are a lot of guys playing in the game this year from this summer’s Team USA. Do you think playing together was big for all you guys’ growth? I mean, between you and Russell Westbrook, Derrick Rose and Kevin Love, you’re all playing excellent basketball this year. It’s pretty impressive.

KD: Once you put that team together, people kind of pushed us to the side. But now we’ve got four All-Stars that came from the 2010 World Championship team. So that says a lot. I’m very happy for all the guys that made it — Derrick Rose, Kevin Love, Russell.

TK: Lamar Odom’s had a great season.

KD: Yeah, we’re just playing good basketball. We’re all playing great. I think playing for USA basketball kind of pushed our confidence to the next level. Maybe upped our work ethic as well, just pushing us a little bit more.

TK: The Thunder have you in the three-point contest, Russell in the skills competition and Serge Ibaka in the dunk contest — you guys going to sweep?

KD: That’d be perfect! That would be perfect. We’re gonna try though. We talked about it. I think Russell and Serge’s jobs are a little easier. It’s going to be a little tougher for me going against Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. It’s going to be tough. Hopefully I’ll make some shots.

TK: So you’re not guaranteeing victory?

KD: No. (laughs) No, there’s too many good shooters, man. We’ll see though. It’s going to be fun.

TK: Alright, last question. The Oscars are here next week. Who you got for best picture?

KD: Oscars? What is that, the movies?

TK: Yep, movies.

KD: Scarlett Johansson. (laughs)