“I want you, J.E. Skeets.” — Justin Bieber, three-point specialist

(via Joel Reilly)

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  1. Poor Biebs. Kid got hops.

  2. After tonight, there’s no doubt in my mind that Bieber wouldn’t absolutely rock Skeets.

  3. goddamn bieber…..I should be 100% on my predictions right now. Common controlled the whole tempo of that game. More points, lots of assists. Who had the ball in their hands more?? You could make the Pippen case, but I’m assuming people aren’t going to vote for an NBA great shooting like a madman.

    Common deserved that MVP goddamit. I should be 100% right now.

  4. I would imagine that the former NBA players are off limits because Pippen killed it. Bieber was terrible.

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