Monster dunks, bonsai trees, cookie masks, “Between Two Ferns”-styled cringe humor — is there anything Blake Griffin can’t do? Besides fit through a narrow corridor overgrown with shrubbery, that is. Besides that, though, anything.

Hit the jump for the second “half.”

(via Dime)

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  1. Surprising how natural he is in front of the camera. Plays the straight man well, without overacting or forcing the dialogue; could totally see him in a buddy cop movie

  2. blake griffin is naturally funny unlike the terribly unfunny cornball dwight howard

  3. bahahahahaahahahhaha

    yeah, that was good.

  4. This is so jokes.

  5. Ah-Ha! I knew Blake Griffin could be funny.

  6. gotta agree with Jimmy – he just seemed so natural in front of the camera. totally didn’t expect that (at least not yet).

  7. Well, the last thing that he did was also hillarious so yeah, he IS FUNNY :) Maybe he’s got something funny for the dunk contest :)

  8. wow, I didn’t think Griffin was funny but he is :-)

    the bonsai cheek pat is hilarious

  9. That’s great! Very funny!

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