Back live from a Marriott hotel suite in chilly Los Angeles, Skeets and Tas recap the highs (Celebrity Game Bieber fever, Wall’s Rookie Challenge bounce pass oop) and lows (ESPN’s green screen experiment, non-existent defense) of a solid NBA Friday Night. That, plus the return of the infamous All-Star Media Day “Box Out Kid.” Dun-dun-duh!

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Comments (17)

  1. “Biggest dick?” hahaha

    I got a completely different idea when I first heard it

  2. Tyreke Evans won MVP of the Rook- Soph Game last year while it was OBVIOUS that Blair deserved it. Evans then decided to share the Trophy with Blair.

    Good Memory, Skeets.

  3. box out kid for the new t-shirt!

  4. Bieber only won because the votes were text-ins from the fans. It was strictly a popularity contest. Anyone who saw the game saw that Pippen still has game.

    With that said, Bieber did hold his own. Quite impressive! Gotta love that they compared him to Steve Nash because he’s Canadian and white.

  5. michael rapaport did a good job in bamboozled, prison break, and a couple of other good stuff which can be found on youtube. stop sipping the haterade. lol

  6. green screen was atrocious (eric gordon particularly). that should be the time when they’re interviewing kimmel and simmons and some other guys. i don’t know why they’d think that people want to see all that other BS.

    Common got jobbed, most important non-ex-NBA-player. Either he or Arnie Duncan.

  7. Skeets – in the freeze frame of the vid, is that Wesley T. Owens in front?

  8. chris paul charismatic? his commercial about his favorite teacher is glued together from more cuts than the blooper reel y’all just posted

  9. My favorite NBA player of all time swatted away biebs. My weekend is complete.

    Watchin Pip lite it up last night brought back some great memories. And then he got robbed of an MVP award, again. (trivia question: what do Hakeem Olajuwon and Justin Bieber have in common).

    Craig Sager’s hazing of Cousins was uncomfortable to watch.

  10. Honestly I thought Beiber sucked. He looked like he was having a seizure every time he touched the ball. if you shoot 20 times in a game with zero defense, i think anyone could get 8 points. He almost hit the shot clock on two occasions. Would he be at the end of the bench on most high school varsity teams? yes

    Common was pretty good, I was expecting a lot more out of Lil’ Romeo since he’s probably about 20 and played at USC. Chris Mullen’s hot check experiment to start the game didn’t pass the test. Pippen played quite well and looked in good shape

    Like you said in the video, I was confused as to why they didn’t talk to Simmons and Kimmel. They both are hilarious, instead we were stuck with Jon Barry

  11. i just f*cking love you guys. in a non-gay way. no wait. i just love you

  12. I’m pretty sure that Tyreke won the MVP alone, but he shared it with Dejuan who was probably the true MVP.

  13. box out kid probably works for a nba or getty images photographer, since a kid in the picture make for a more sellable image.

  14. Anyone related to Boston is a douche. Fuck Boston

  15. Reke won the Rookie Challenge MVP straight up. He then offered to share the award with Blair (see

    Box-out Kid rocks. You guys need to do that expose with him. He will definitely be in Orlando for the 2012 All Star Game, so you have plenty of time to set it up.

    Great show – I agree with you that Cousins should have rec’d co-MVP (just as Blair should have last year).

  16. funny piece on me. I sent you my contact info through talk to us.

  17. jajajajaja this is really funny, I know who the box out kid is and I really didn’t think he would become famous.

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