Everywhere we go this All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles, people are talking about that pesky, looming NBA lockout. So with that in mind, we asked a few of your favorite NBA All-Stars: If you had to get a second job, one that didn’t involve basketball, what would it be?

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Comments (25)

  1. So Dwight is pretty much gonna become a pornstar and Javale is gonna film it… cool

  2. Too fucking funny! :D

    Loved CP3 in the background.

  3. Joe Johnson would be a frotagrafur

  4. No Rajon Rondo? Why is that?

  5. Cuz Tas thinks Rajon is a dick

  6. If Joe Johnson saved the amount he was overpaid last summer he won’t need a second job (ever).

  7. Mr Blake Griffin will always have a job with us.

    Keep on Jammin’


  8. You guys asked similar questions a couple years ago at the All Star game and I remember Dirk had a hilarious answer. I’ve tried looking for those on the internet to no avail – are the past ASG interviews on the Score website or elsewhere?

  9. Good ending with Pierce.

  10. Thanks I needed a laugh after that horrendous “dunk contest”

  11. That was hilarious, you guys are seriously the best canadian bloggers ever.

  12. It’s my main-man Lang Whitaker!!

  13. As much as I hate Paul Pierce his answer was the best haha. Also the way he said it without hesitation you could tell he’d given it some thought.

  14. hilarious. nice video work too!

  15. @illmatic-1 Lol, I completely agree! Loved how Pierce answered right away. Probably had dreams about it.

  16. Great work!
    Very interesting

  17. I didn’t appear in the video since everyone already knows I’m going to be the human theodolite. No man or machine can outdo me at Trig.

  18. @Lost Apostle

    If you mean the videos from last year’s all-star game, one way to get them is through vimeo.

    http://vimeo.com/9418260 and get to the others from the links on the right.

  19. @rmiller

    Thanks for the link

  20. My German is a little rusty, however it was my minor, and years of art school tell me I need to work for Dirk’s dad.

  21. Be a professional vacationer. Totally like a Bosh.

  22. We all know Kevin Garnet isn’t smart enough to be an architect. He probably mean’t playing with tinkertoys or something.

  23. Great, great idea guys, Keep up the good work.

  24. Did you pick the dead guy from deadliest catch on purpose? Cuz that dude is dead.

  25. [...] a big deal.Deadliest Catch (Discovery — 9pm ET) Season 7 premiere. You know Paul Pierce will be watching.Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child (PBS — 10pm ET) A documentary on the legendary [...]

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