Isiah Thomas is back!

There are some things in life that will never, ever go away no matter how unpleasant they are. That lingering fart smell in your hotel room. The yellow underarms of your white t-shirts. An ankle that keeps on spraining and spraining. You get it.

Here’s another — Isiah Thomas. Despite repeated attempts to send him away forever, the scourge of the Knicks’ franchise is back again, running things in New York. From Adrian Wojnarowski at Yahoo! Sports:

The thin veil of secrecy has torn away now, the pretenses gone and Isiah Thomas has left the shadows and moved into the light again. Once more, he is the New York Knicks’ top basketball executive.

Thomas is driving everything through owner James Dolan – the trade for Carmelo Anthony, the departure of Donnie Walsh and perhaps even the eventual hiring of the New York Knicks’ next president and general manager, multiple league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

“Isiah is calling the shots for New York,” said one front-office executive with knowledge of the Anthony trade talks. “It’s a disgrace. Donnie should walk.”

You cannot kill him and he cannot die. He is the I-lander. Fun time to be a New York Knicks fan.