2011 Slam Dunk champ, Blake Griffin stops by the Nike Vault where Tas has the chance to ask him a few questions. Find out which dunks Blake had to axe at the last minute and the mistakes you may not have noticed.

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Comments (8)

  1. Taz you stole the interview (Y)

  2. McGee earned it eight times more (OK, at least twice more). What an entertaining night though (speaking of the TNT TV production). Great job.

  3. I love Blake, seems to have a good head on his shoulders, humble, athletic, hard working and witty.
    He will definitely become the NBA’s golden child as long as he doesn’t let the fame (and pussy) get to his head.

  4. Blake did not jump over a car. Joey Gathright jumped over a car.


  5. If McGee did his dunks in reverse order he woudla had a better shot at winning, even though i thought he was a little too prop happy.

  6. Ah, but if McGee had done his dunks in reverse he wouldn’t have made the finals, Demar would have.

    Good questions Tas. I had assumed that Javale was talking about the FT line dunk, but instead it was a grab an object dunk like Serge’s 2nd one. Also interesting was that Blake was planning a dunk like the Demar dunk that you guys declared was best of the night, but had to switch it up.

  7. “Single Copy: Priceless” haha nice. Hey can anyone tell me what’s the deal with McGee’s solute thing he always does, is he from a military family or something? ’cause if he’s just doing it to do it then i feel rightly justified in thinking that’s fucking annoying.

  8. Does anyone know who the female interviewer is?

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