Skeets and Tas rank the best five dunks from this year’s Sprite Slam Dunk Contest. Spoiler alert: Blake Griffin — nor KIA — does not walk away with the No. 1 spot.

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Comments (25)

  1. Epic Vale got totally robbed. Though DeMar should have made the finals over Blake, there was obvious homerism in putting both of DeMar’s dunks in. McGee’s first 3 were the best 3 dunks of the night.

  2. Good list. No, great list.
    Most people are creaming over Blake’s car and 360 dunk.
    If he pulled the 360 one off like he tried in his first two attempts, it woulda been on par with VC’s 360 windmill IMO, but this way it was pretty much an ordinary two-handed 360.

  3. It’s a shame one of the best dunk contests of all-time were marred by David Stern’s rigging. We need a new commissioner.

  4. The contest has got so gimmicky…with Kenny Smith being Flavor Flav out there…but Ibaka deserved a 50 for that first dunk. Not Dr. J, not Michael…not Mcgee who failed miserably on a breakaway this year…has someone made it from beyond the foul line. And Ibaka did. Serge deserved better

  5. I thought McGee and DeMar were the two most impressive. What about McGee’s dunk going underneath the hoop and then dunking it behind him…..crazy body control to do that.

  6. ibaka’s TRUE freethrow dunk should’ve been first, followed by both of demar’s. mcgee’s 1st dunk was pretty cool but blake was just embarrassing. go to hell judges. the nba is now the new WWE.

  7. oh come on i’m just already sick and tired of all those “this was planned all along blake didn’t deserve it” cries. i agree with the joneses: blake and derozan should have been in the finals, ibaka got kinda robbed and mcgee was lame in the final round.
    the dunks blake did all ranged from good to great, even though derozan had the single best one. mcgee was all about gimmicks and took forever making them which kinda ruined it and ibaka can only do like 2 dunks (look at the spanish dunk contest video).

  8. ps the press conference that blake attended directly after the contest (not the one in the jones’ video) was pretty interesting: he said that the participants all talked about during the contest that this whole showmanship thing is kinda the only way out of the enormous expectations for everybody because so much has already been done. he said people were asking him to like put the ball through his legs twice and so on.. hence the gimmicks to come up with something unique. he also said that he was a little dissatisfied with himself and that all the participants had to rethink while the contest was going on because they all took away dunks from each other unintentionally.
    i mean, i’m not a big fan of the gimmicks either, but i think we saw a GREAT contest with no weak performance and that’s in huge parts due to all the stuff they used. so to all the haters: stop bitchin around or be content with guys doing regular windmills like it’s 1987.

  9. I’m with telecustom….last night me and the people I was watching with all agreed after round 1 that the disagreements we were having about who deserved to move on to the next round (because really they all did) meant that the contest was awesome.

    All 4 guys put on great performances, and the winner seems pretty inconsequential to me. It’s basically about enjoying the show, and I wanted that thing to go on for hours.

    McGee’s last dunk sucked, but he said that someone else did what he had planned. His 1st, 2nd, and especially his 3rd were all really impressive.

    The only bad part of the whole thing was Cheryl Miller at the end “Blake…what does this mean to you….and is there anybody that you’d like to dedicate this to”…ridiculous.

  10. If Derozan had made the finals then Blake wouldn’t have because McGee 1st 2 dunks were both worthy of 50s (regardless of attempts) because they were done before. I thought Blake should have been in 3rd place after round 1, but they weren’t going to let that happen.

    I think McGee wanted to finish with a free throw line dunk, but Ibaka had already done that one. As such his second round wasn’t as exciting as Blake Griffin. I still think on total Javale had the best collection of dunks, but sometimes it works that way.

    I do agree with the your choice of best dunk of the night, but there were so many worthy of 50s. I don’t recall having that problem before. Best overall dunk contest since Dominique got screwed against Jordan.

  11. Guys … i agree.

  12. If Griffin had pulled of what he clearly was trying to do (360 windmill-ish throw down) with the Davis lob off the side of the backboard many would have had to change their underwear.

  13. Yeah, Derozan had the best looking dunks. They need to get new judges – Preferably ones that aren’t receptive to cheese.

    I thought McGee’s dunks were kind of corny. What was the significance of the shoes?

    Blake was a dud. His over-the-KIA dunk was so… anti-climactic? They should’ve had the car’s alarm system go off after the dunk. Don’t get me wrong, I disapprove of the gimmicks. What is so offensive about them, though, is that they’re all so half-assed. I mean, shit. A KIA?

  14. For the record, James White has gone from behind the free throw line with two hands, one hand tomahawk, etc. He did it in the 2009 NBDL dunk contest.

    Demarr got de-robbed and McGee was mind blowing. Griffin was third-best in the contest he won. Typical Stern

  15. Agree with Paul D on Flight White… he even did a 360 behind the freethrow line….

    DeMarr’s East Bay Funk Remix deserved a 50… he was so close on putting it in the first time too.. if he got it on the first attempt that was a 50…

  16. just for the record: derozan was done with his dunks before griffin. so had air canada 2.0 gotten a fifty score, blake still would have had the chance to top him. and if this was in some weird way fixed by david stern, he would have had to advise the judges to give demarr low scores even though no one could have known how good or bad the other dunkers were since he was the first to dunk. i seriously don’t see how this was fixed by david stern. don’t watch the x files reruns so often, makes ya paranoid.

  17. agreed with you guysm derozan’s second dunk was the best of the night. i don’t have a real problem with prop dunks (gerald green’s cupcake dunk was awesome), but that is what the dunk contest should mostly be like.

  18. Yeah, totally not a commercial. They had a KIA and a choir waiting in the back JUST IN CASE Blake made it to the final round.

    That being said, there were some great dunks Saturday night. I thought DeRozan’s were the 2 of the 3 best (showstopper for sure #1), McGee’s head-under-the-backboard 2nd round dunk (so good) being my 2nd fave (closer to a tie for 1st), and Blake’s arm-through-the-hoop being my 4th fave. I don’t like gimmicks, but McGee’s 2 hoops dunk just made my top 5.

  19. DeMar got screwed, and they gotta stop with the props.

  20. the very first attempt by Griffin, if he could have made that, that was a helluva attempt, that was when I juped out of my seat screaming. Unfortunately after a few misses he conferted it into an easier 270 (no, that was not 360) two-handed thing (which was impressive as well, but the original missed one…..)

    And the other one he couldn’t finish (what the shit was bdiddy doing? just toss a freakin pass well once, shit), that also started impressively

  21. and Ibaka’s FT dunk, which was a real FT dunk, not FT minus 1 foot dunk, or FT minus 2 feet dunk, that deserved a 50 but jealous old people gave only 45…

  22. and the whole text-and-vote stuff suxx. This way the dunk conmtet just gets Bieberred. Why not text voting the 3pt contest?

  23. [...] away two important things:Dunking over a car is not nearly as impressive as it sounds;DeMar DeRozan was robbed of at least an appearance in the finals.Apparently, DeRozan thought the same thing, which is why [...]

  24. Pretty homer video guys. JaVale was the best in my opinion in both rounds, and his first second-round dunk was better than your number 1 (which was pretty good anyway).

  25. I don’t think this a homer list at all. Demar easily had two of the top 5. If Blake’s 360 attempt had gone down the first time, i wouldn’t be mad that he advanced. Even list of best dunks of Feb had Demar at number one.

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