Los Angeles Lakers forward Lamar Odom and his wife Khloe Kardashian recently unveiled their own unisex cologne called “Unbreakable.” Well, we here at The Basketball Jones think this might be the start of a trend, so we went down to Media Day to ask NBA All-Stars: If you had your own scent, what would you name it?

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Comments (33)

  1. My fav was Javale. “19.99 at CVS”

    Coach Pop doesn’t play, but I suspect the reason KG didn’t answer is because he didn’t want to spoil the surprise of KG’s signature scent “Intensity” which will likely come out during the playoffs.

  2. Javale is a man of the people

  3. I laughed so hard at Skeet’s delayed reaction to the insult. By the way great job with all these videos guys, really been enjoying them.

  4. Lmao @ “Sexual Chocolate” and what would “Boobie” smell like.

    Skeets should tell the Blazers and Rockets about his “unbreakable” wrist.. it works on other body parts right?

  5. “Boobie”….uh, no! “Sexual Chocolate” sounds like it may smell ok, but I would DEFINITELY go buy “The Truth.” This was too funny, I think they need to aske EVERY ball player that same question.

  6. Hilarious. And yeah, Popovich is kind of dick. No, he’s a major dick. He’s too cool to even look at the picture.

  7. Mr. Popo just doesn’t have time for anyone’s shit.

  8. lmao, Pop is the best.

  9. I’ve never been a scented type of dude, but i think I would have no choice but to purchase “the truth”, although JaVale’s is probably a little more my style.

  10. Taj got the gangster pop collar going on at the beginning of the video.

  11. Kevin Love seemed a little bit uncomfortable when the topic of “Numbers” came up. I think you boys got into his head a little.

  12. If only you guys could have interviewed Vlade Divac. That’s all I’m gonna say.

  13. the best is obviously chris bosh’s chris bosh by chris bosh.

  14. Yeah, @blah, Chris Bosh’s Chris Bosh by Chris Bosh is another one so like a Bosh. It’s really amazing.

    Pop goes for the win, but that KG smile was broader than any one ever.

  15. @steve – have you EVER seen popovich give an interview?

  16. I would love to see an exclusive interview with Skeets and Pop after the Spurs win the championship.

  17. where’s nowitzki smell ? :D

    POP is just so challenging character ^^

  18. Javale McGee just has that nice guy face…
    I have to like him!

  19. I miss Cabbie at the All-Star game!!!




  21. Priceless guys, just priceless

  22. The Truth sounds badass and something that would be wearable.

    Sexual chocolate made me laugh.

    Would Popovich’s just be Popz?

  23. Pop’s would be called “Curmudgeon.”

    It would smell like mothballs, hospital beds, and meanness.

  24. Please, I need to hear – what’s it like to join the ranks of stonewalled reporters trying to pry anything out of Pop? Was it a rite of passage? Was it like unanesthetized dentistry? Did he destroy your will to live?

  25. “Chris Bosh’s Chris Bosh by Chris Bosh” HAHA

  26. Chris Bosh… creative!

    Pop’s scent would be Lemon Party.

  27. this made my freakin week, hilarious. had to pause everytime i watched it after dwight, chris bosh, javale. awesome stuff

    i wish you posted all the other players you asked that question, just to see their reactions. ;]

  28. What did KG say? I just can’t figure it out.

  29. I wish Bosh said “Like A Bosh”

  30. @Grzesiek He said I’ll have to get back to you on that.

  31. Unanswerable by Gregg Popovich.

  32. A new scent by Gregg Popovich–


  33. Horford’s should have been “BOSS”

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