Giving Derrick Rose a 30-second commercial where he doesn’t have to do anything besides look awesome is genius marketing. The man’s not the most charismatic fellow, so a silent ad is the way to go. Helps that he’s the world’s best shoe-spinner. Well played, adidas.

(via Hooped Up)

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  1. Why is he flicking us off?

  2. Messi’s Commercial was much better. He was juggling his SHOE.

  3. it much easier to juggle a shoe than spin it…

    hell, even I can juggle a bit with a shoe…

    still, this looks weird/fake to me, the way the shoe slows down seems unnatural to me…

  4. LOL that smirk at the end was badass

  5. Agreed. The first time I was watching the shoe and I saw the smirk out the corner of my eye. Had to watch it again. Very badass. The music makes it though.

  6. The smirk/flipping us off/slow spin is bad ass

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