What’s Matt Barnes’ favorite curse word? Why can’t Dwight Howard tell you what the name of his first pet is? What food gives Ken Jeong from “The Hangover” the squirts? Does Jrue Holiday know where the Swag District is? We set off to find out the answers to these random questions and more at Adidas’ 3-on-3 All-Star tourney.

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Comments (9)

  1. awesome, that’s a wide range of people sometimes only tangentially related to the all star game

  2. loool at Ken Jeong…

    Montell Jordan and Donkey Kong are great choices…

    Earthworm Jim is better, ‘tho…

  3. That was VERY random.

    “His name was….. UH OH.”

  4. Nice segment. Ken Jeong was funny.
    I also liked Barnes answer for why he would be 1ft tall.

  5. Matt Barnes makes for a surprisingly good interview…

  6. also, I’m pretty sure JA Adande took a shot at your interview questions, haha


  7. I want to know about the Bret Hart references.

  8. [...] (8pm ET — NBC) Tune in just to watch Ken Jeong now that you have the knowledge that he “gets the squirts when he’s got the whole milk going on.” It’ll change your life.Man vs. Wild (9pm ET — Discovery) Here’s the one sentence [...]

  9. [...] are, that’s fast. He’s a regular adidas commercial, minus Ken Jeong. (Also minus the lactose intolerance, I’m guessing.)And, as the saying goes, speed kills. The Nuggets play at the third-fastest [...]

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