If you watched this past weekend’s dunk contest, then you probably took away two important things:

  1. Dunking over a car is not nearly as impressive as it sounds;
  2. DeMar DeRozan was robbed of at least an appearance in the finals.

Apparently, DeRozan thought the same thing, which is why he’s done with dunk contests. From the AP:

Asked Tuesday if he thinks he was robbed when he didn’t reach the final of the competition, DeRozan replied, “I think so.” Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers won by leaping over a car to edge Washington’s JaVale McGee in the last round.

“I’m a dunker. Dunk contests, you go out there and dunk. I’m not into all the props and everything,” DeRozan said at shootaround before Tuesday’s game against Charlotte. “I try to come out with a creative dunk and do it and go from there. My fans liked it and you can see the reaction from a lot of people afterward.

“If there’s a dunk contest next year I’ll do it. But not no prop dunk contest.”

Dag. Word to DeMar DeRozan on this one. Sure, there are exceptions — JaVale McGee’s “Double Trouble,” for instance — but in general, dunks are way better when they’re just dunks. Considering, after all, that this is a dunk contest and not a “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” improv game. Definitely with DeMar here.

Not to mention, years ago props were outlawed in the dunk contest for safety reasons. But then Dwight Howard came around and Supermanned everything which reinvigorated the competition which meant David Stern was OK with people bringing whatever they wanted to the contest which led to Serge Ibaka bringing out a breakdancing Asian toddler who “lost” his toy that Ibaka grabbed with his teeth only to miss the dunk then had a production crew come out to totally ruin any sense of suspended belief in this weird scenario. Long story short — props are wack and need to get out of here.

And knowing how often the NBA switches dunk contest rules — just about every year, which is weird — odds are DeRozan will get to peddle his wares in a non-prop contest soon enough. That’d be great for him which be great for us which would be great for the league. Make it happen, David Stern.

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  1. DeMar DeRozan hates prop joe, prop bets, prop 8, propane, and prophylactics.

  2. Best dunk of the weekend was the John Wall Bouncy-oop to Blake Griffin in the Rookie/ Soph game.

  3. Could not agree more with this article… The dunk contest is worse than Fergie at the superbowl or Jessica Simpson’s acting

  4. You were watching Whose Line Is It Anyway? I like you even more :)

  5. @Lance So True, Fergie sucked, as always.

    But since when does the dunk contest matter anyway? The dunk contest (and most of the allstar shenanigans in general) (yes, I Googled that word to make sure on the spelling, lol) just pure entertainment? Isn’t that what basketball is? Entertainment?

    The dunk contest is like who can touch the rim in Jr High. Doesn’t mean shit, but you think the girls think your cool (even though you’re not), and the guys give you respect. That’s it.

  6. I thought there were some really good dunks this year, but the props were just dumb. The car dunk wasn’t any good. It was just over the top.

  7. If Blake had made his most ridiculous 360 reverse windmill and crazy off the side of the glass dunks first time it wouldn’t have been a contest. Yes the dunks he finally put down weren’t all that great but in the final neither were McGee’s.

    Best dunk of the weekend, Kobe on Lebron in all star game. Lebron should have had it but the old boy stood strong, plus the glance over at Lebron before he put it down.

    The real winner was basketball this weekend, thank F the melo drama is finished.

  8. The whining about the Dunk Contest needs to stop! This whole notion about the “purity” of the Dunk Contest and the “overuse of props is absolutely ridiculous!

    Style points matter people!!

    In Every aspect of life they do. The girl chooses the douchebag guy because he has a cooler car and more money than the “nice guy”, You watch the show that has great production value as opposed to the one with more substance but looks like it was filmed in grandma’s basement and jumping over a car( I don’t care if it was the hood) in a Professional NBA competition by a Superstar Athlete will get you the dunk title over guys who are barely known in the home city of the teams they play for!!!

    Here’s a little listen that most grown folks should know….Life is Not Fair, Style Points Matter, and Fame will best the unkown everytime when put to a vote of the “people”. The person who Should have won the Dunk Contest…..Did!!!

  9. Next year, the jones take over the dunk hoops at fanfest, hold the peoples dunk contest, invite derozan, and others like westbrook? To dunk on the hoops

  10. you don’t want props? well then be content with seeing 85% dunks that everyone has already seen 500 times. or shut up and enjoy the show. but all this slam-dunk-contest criticism is neither constructive nor honest, you can’t say you want to see something creative all the time and then get upset because some guys actually have been creative, but not in the way you wanted to be. geez. nazis.

  11. Hell nah, we don’t no want props.

    I’m not a figure skating fan, but I bet those fans would think it sacreligious to bring props into skating routines. Sure, figure skating judges see the same triple lutzes, spin jumps etc, sure, but no figure skating fan is complaining about lack of creativity!

    Leave props if you really think that dunkers have reached the ceiling on creativity, but dunks with high levels of difficulty should get higher scores than theatrics that end in a subpar dunk.

  12. I fully agree with him, everyone is saying it was a great dunk contest, i personally found it boring. Props do not make it better. Aside from DeRozan’s dunks and the free throw line dunk it sucked. And cmon, they were just throwing the points at Blake Griffin, he has done more impressive dunks in games.

  13. As soon as they get rid of the props watch people instantly start bitching about how they’ve already seen it.

  14. I think they should just make a new rule so that people with a combined score of like 90 or more (out of 100 from the 2 dunks) should get to the finals, because I thought all 4 contestants deserved to be in the finals this year. And in years where all the contestants do not get 90+ total, they should either declare the dunk contest null and void or allow to have random challengers come in to take the trophy away.

    As for props, I am fine with it, because there are a lot of amazing stuff that people can do with them and also allow more unique dunks to be displayed.

    Lastly, if only Steve Nash assisted for Blake… or all the contestants…..he would probably have made the first round dunks on his first attempt (which if he made….were insane dunks)…and maybe something crazier on the car dunk..like at least add a windmill..or 360 or between the leg (sorry, but Baron just can’t pass and neither can Amir Johnson….which is kind of sad because DeRozan probably would have gotten between 48 and 50 on his first dunk if he didn’t do it on his 6th attempt)

  15. I say do away with the stupid 2 minute rule… and replace it with this:

    -1 per miss

    If it takes you 5 attempts (4 misses) to do a 48… your score is 44.
    You get a 50 on your 21st attempt (Nat a couple years ago)… you get 30.

    DeMar’s first dunk this year was definitely reduced in value due to misses, yet Blake’s similar multi-miss dunk (which wasn’t as technical or smooth) gets a higher score.

    Props… whatever. I’d prefer it without, but if you make it work without going overboard (‘cupcake blow dunk’ vs. ‘car and choir dunk’) bring it on.

  16. The car was ok, but the choir was useless and tacky…
    Especially after Kenny Smith’s diatribe about “we don’t need any props”…

  17. Vince Carter had the best performance of all time in the dunk competition and he didnt use any props

  18. DeRozan is a punk bitch that lost, if he doesn’t believe in prop dunk contest why did he enter. Stop crying and do a better first dunk next time, through the legs is weak now and it should have been McGee vs Ibaka (who was truly robbed).

    - Raptor Fan but punkass bitch hater

  19. Props should not be allowed in dunk contests, derozan definitely had better dunks than griffen, only reason he won is because he was expected to win. If you’re going to jump over a car, you can’t just jump over the hood, you have to jump over the roof, anyone in the contest could jump over the hood. Shame on Kenny “the jet” smith for being part of this terrible dunk contest.

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