The Carmelo Anthony trade is final, which means it’s time for fun with puns from your favorite newspapers. Up there you see the Denver Post’s goodbye to their once-upon-a-time star with a very classy, very well done “Melo Out.” Not only is it pun-tastic, it’s also a subtle admonishment to the people of Denver to just take a chill pill (welcome to the 90s, I guess) and relax with a burrito because everything is going to be OK. As far as farewells go, this is a good one.

Meanwhile, the New York Daily News was welcomed the Big Apple’s second franchise savior to¬† with a hearty “Hello ‘Melo!” Rhyming is fun and this very original couplet is particularly excellent. So excellent, in fact, that it wasn’t the only paper in the city to use it.

As Tom Ziller said, “What happens when the tabs double up? Does one yell jinx, preventing the other from publishing until a Coke is purchased?” The answer, of course, is yes. Plus, the Post can’t talk until the Daily News says their last name three times.

And this is my contribution to the pun game. It’s a take-off of a Mellowhype record, and when you consider all the buzz around Odd Future right now, it seems extremely relevant. So relevant that I couldn’t even decide which record to use. Decisions, decisions.

All in all, a very good day for puns. One of the best, really. Rosie O’Donnell would be proud.