FreeDarko blows up

We are all big fans of FreeDarko‘s art. And really, who isn’t? GQ is. Chuck Klosterman is. Pretty much everyone who has seen it is. Now, you can add the city of Los Angeles to that long, long list as the man behind the illustrations — Jacob Weinstein — has been tabbed by L.A. brand Undefeated to craft a gigantic billboard featuring their singular aesthetic.

As you can see, the billboard features Blake Griffin flying through the sky after being shot from a cannon, which finally explains how he’s able to jump so far. It’s big, it’s bright and it’s awesome. And, if you really love it, it’s available for purchase from the FreeDarko store, albeit on a slightly smaller scale. It even comes in three different color palettes, which is great if you’re trying to make this fit in with some decor you’ve already got around your house.

All in all, very cool billboard and very cool to see a group of people go from a blog to a couple of books to an industrial art design collective. Not a very common career path. Hit the jump for a picture of the billboard in its natural habitat.