Everybody is getting traded, so you should watch these games happen before everything changes. Tomorrow is a new NBA, so enjoy this one while it lasts.

Milwaukee Bucks at New York Knicks
That one guy is making his debut for the Knicks tonight. Shelden Williams or whatever.

Utah Jazz at Dallas Mavericks
On the flip side, here’s a team that’ll have Earl Watson running the point. Bit of a downgrade, but at least it’ll seem extra cool when Devin Harris shows up.

Oklahoma City Thunder at San Antonio Spurs
OK, here’s a game that actually features two teams that have played together for a long time. Might not be the most intriguing game of the night, but it should be the most important. Greatly anticipated.

Atlanta Hawks at Phoenix Suns
The Hawkerdoodles have lost four of their last five, including a manhandling last night against the Lakers. Meanwhile, the Suns have won seven of 10 and are going to be very well rested after having no All-Star participants. This could be a huge Phoenix win.

Los Angeles Lakers at Portland Trail Blazers
The Trail Blazers are thisclose to acquiring Gerald Wallace on the Bobcats, so now is probably a good time to take bets as to when he’ll suffer his season-ending knee injury. Pro-Tip: Don’t pick tonight, because the deal’s not quite done yet.