Charlotte Bobcats 114, Toronto Raptors 101
The Raptors have lost 18 of their last 20, but it’s OK because they just traded for James Johnson. He had one really good game for the Bulls this year, so he should turn things around right quick.

Indiana Pacers 113, Washington Wizards 96
It’s not often that all 12 players on a team score, but it’s also not often that NBA teams get to play the Wizards. The Pacers did both last night and that is not a coincidence.

Miami Heat 117, Sacramento Kings 97
No Tyreke Evans (hurt), no Carl Landry (heading to New Orleans) and no Francisco Garcia (hurt). That’s three of the Kings’ top eight players and that’s a 20-point loss.

Houston Rockets 108, Detroit Pistons 100
The Rockets beat the Pistons. Patrick Patterson and Will Bynum did good. Tayshaun Prince did not. Exciting.

Oklahoma City Thunder 111, Los Angeles Clippers 88
I liked it better when the Clippers were good and people wondered if they could sneak in to the playoffs. Now, they stink and nope.

Milwaukee Bucks 94, Minnesota Timberwolves 88
Here’s the first sentence of the AP report, which perfectly sums up how bad the Timberwolves are: “Even if the Minnesota Timberwolves had Corey Brewer, it might not have been enough to top Brandon Jennings’ effort.” No offense to Corey Brewdawgs, but if he’s your difference maker then you’re in trouble.

Denver Nuggets 120, Memphis Grizzlies 107
Who needs Carmelo Anthony anyway? (The Knicks, I guess.)

Los Angeles Lakers 104, Atlanta Hawks 80
Five bros in double figs for the Lakers, plus every player on the team scored, rendering my Pacers recap useless. Other than that, good game for the Hawks.

Boston Celtics 115, Golden State Warriors 93
Sorry, Warriors. Your seven wins in the nine previous games does not make you better than the Celtics. It’s OK though — not many teams are better than the Celtics. Better luck next time.