The NBA trade deadline has just passed, so if a team wants to improve their roster they’re going to have to get creative. Waiting on bought-out guys, 10-day contracts, D-League call-ups — things like that. It’s tough to make moves without trades, but it can be done.

Just ask Mark Cuban. He’s got a HUGE plan in store for the Mavericks. From the Star-Telegram:

“If I signed Dennis Rodman, I’m not above signing Justin Bieber — if he’s old enough to play,” owner Mark Cuban said Wednesday night. “I don’t know if he’s eligible.

“Could you check on that for me, because I’ll sign him. We can ask for an exception for Bieber Fever. Get the Bieber Fever NBA exception.” [...]

“That guy can play,” Cuban said. “If we’re down a man, he’s the one I’ll sign.

“You’re talking about selling tickets.”

Sorry to burst your bubble Mavericks fans, but Bieber is only 17, which means his high school class hasn’t been graduated the requisite one year that is required to be eligible for the NBA. Ergo, the Mavericks won’t be able to sign the teen heartthrob. Otherwise, this is totally legit and something that would have happened for sure.

But don’t worry, TBJ is here to do the due diligence that needs to be done with rumors such as these. Too bad. Steve Nash is getting older and in no time the NBA is going to need a Canadian point guard to be everyone’s second favorite player. If not Bieber, then who?