Lucky for us, one of the games tonight features zero teams that have been gutted by trades. So that’s nice. The other game, though? Not so much.

Miami Heat at Chicago Bulls
No offense, Raptors fans, but the Bulls aren’t really going to be missing James Johnson too much. Plus, they’ve got Joakim Noah back. That means this game actually might be a little preview to a later round playoff series. Let’s hope so, because I could really go for a good game tonight.

Boston Celtics at Denver Nuggets
On the other hand, the Celtics are going to have seven guys for tonight’s game. Seven. That’s less than on my men’s league team and definitely not the ideal number of players for any NBA game not coached by Mike D’Antoni.

Community (8pm ET — NBC)
Tune in just to watch Ken Jeong now that you have the knowledge that he “gets the squirts when he’s got the whole milk going on.” It’ll change your life.

Man vs. Wild (9pm ET — Discovery)
Here’s the one sentence from the TV Guide description of this episode: “Bear makes a wet suit out of a dead seal’s hide and uses an upturned boat for shelter during a survival adventure near Cape Wrath, Scotland.” Sold.

The Tonight Show (11:30pm ET — NBC)
Not for Leno, but for Pauly D, who is clearly the best “Jersey Shore” cast member. He makes an appearance tonight and I’m sure there’ll be some LOLers in there.