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Philadelphia 76ers 117, Washington Wizards 94
In their first game this season, the Wizards beat the Sixers in overtime for their first win of the season. Since then Washington endured a 25-game road losing streak and a trade involving the one-time face of their franchise. Meanwhile, the Sixers have climbed to seventh in the Eastern Conference and are one of the NBA’s most fun teams to watch. So, basically, Evan Turner for Rookie of the Year. (Not really.)

Indiana Pacers 102, Detroit Pistons 101
Frank Vogel’s 9-3 since taking over the Pacers. Coach of the Year, for sure. (Not really.)

Houston Rockets 124, Cleveland Cavaliers 119
Brad Miller now has a Fu-Manchu. The Cavaliers now have Baron Davis. It’s no wonder why Houston won last night.

Toronto Raptors 118, Chicago Bulls 113
The stupid Bulls couldn’t get a stupid stop down the stupid stretch last night. Plus, they gave up 118 stupid points to the stupid Raptors who have scored that many points only four other times this season. Just stupid.

Sacramento Kings 111, Orlando Magic 105
Hey Orlando, you just lost a home game to a Kings team that’s missing two of its top seven players — three if you count the traded-away Carl Landry — and who only has 14 wins on the year. Get it together.

San Antonio Spurs 109, Oklahoma City Thunder 105
Someone needs to tell Jeff Green to chill out with his fallaway, eight seconds remaining three-point attempts. It should probably be Scott Brooks, but he should definitely chill on that. Get a real play.

New York Knicks 114, Milwaukee Bucks 108
Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups combined to score 48 points on 37 shots in their first game in blue and orange. Safe to say they enjoy their new surroundings.

Memphis Grizzlies 104, Minnesota Timberwolves 95
44 straight double-doubles for Kevin Love, tying him with Moses Malone for the longest streak ever. However, he was also dominated by Zach Randolph (24 and 10) which never happened to Moses.

Dallas Mavericks 118, Utah Jazz 99
Turns out the Jazz are way worse with Earl Watson instead of Deron Williams. Imagine that.

Phoenix Suns 105, Atlanta Hawks 97
After losses to the Suns and Lakers, I’d say the Hawks are on a downward slope to mediocrity. However, they just traded for Kirk Hinrich and Hilton Armstrong, so everything should be just fine. (Not really.)

New Orleans Hornets 98, Los Angeles Clippers 87
The famed Baron Davis to Blake Griffin alley-oop days are already over, but at least Mo Williams has experience throwing lobs to super athletic dunksters. Unfortunately, he also has experience losing a bunch of games, so that’s not great for the Clippers.

Los Angeles Lakers 106, Portland Trail Blazers 101 OT
The Blazers led by as many as 10 points in the fourth quarter of this game, only to squander that lead and make everyone feel sad. But on the other hand, Brandon Roy played and said his knees “were cool.” Mr. Cool Knees — that is his new nickname.