Yep, that’s Andray Blatche challenging some annoying fellow by the name of “Loc_LessMonsta” to a fight with a since-deleted tweet. Just a cool thing that grownups do all the time. Nothing cooler than telling a random dude that you’ll meet him after the game to “throw these things,” which I’m guessing are fists and/or burritos. Of course, he says he was hacked, but come on.

Look on the bright side, Wizards fans — if it is him, this is the first time this season that he’s sought out contact. That has to count for something.

(via Capital Games)

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  1. Also deciding they’re done with this fake internet thing? Egypt.

    Totally done with it.

  2. Well, I hear he’s a finesse fighter. Really, he’d probably swing, miss badly, then call a talk show to try to redeem himself.

    I think I may jump on the OKC bandwagon now. It just keeps getting worse for the Wiz.

  3. If you take the link to Andray’s twitter, spare a moment to enjoy the wonderful collection of people he follows.

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