Hey, Celtics fans. I know you’re all sad and upset that your big meanie was traded away yesterday, but I’ve got good news. No, the trade hasn’t been rescinded, but now you can show just how mad you are on your chest without having to resort to a terrible tattoo. UNDRCRWN’s got your back — well, your front, actually — with their “I Hate Danny Ainge” t-shirt that was made available for purchase after yesterday’s swap meet.

Here’s the story behind the shirt:

In 1987, Detroit fans wore “I Hate Danny Ainge” t-shirts before a playoff game. As Ainge was warming up on the court, he spotted the group wearing the T-shirts. Instead of taking offense, Ainge approached the fans and asked for a shirt. He wore the tee  throughout warm-ups, joining his detractors’ cause—“just having fun with the fans in Detroit,” he explained.

Fair enough. Back in 1987, a lot of people hated Danny Ainge. Heck, that’s was the case in 1997, 2007 and 2011, which doesn’t end with a seven but does rhyme. However, for our purposes, let’s consider this shirt a reaction to yesterday’s trade deadline moves. It’s pithy, it’s to-the-point and it can be yours for $28.

All things considered, that’s a small price to pay to attack the man who might have jeapordized the Celtics’ championship chances. At the very least, it’s a smaller price to pay than Kendrick Perkins.