Sometimes, you just can’t make it on your own. Sometimes, you need a helping hand. Someone to guide you through. Someone watching over you to make sure everything turns out just right. Sometimes, you need a little assistance.

One of those times is when you’re shooting a flat-footed, fadeaway shot to win your team a basketball game. Just ask Channing Frye, he’ll tell you. From the AP:

“I was tired. I was like, ‘God, if you can let me make this shot … ’ I’ve never asked for anything like that before, and what do you know? He gives me a game-winner.”

How about that? Not only did Channing Frye make a top-notch game-winner, he’s also 1-for-1 on prayers. Good thing none of the Pacers prayed that he wouldn’t make it, because that could have been a serious bummer for the jump-shooting big man.

The ironic thing, of course, is that anyone watching that shot in realtime — with Frye pump faking before shooting an off-balance fadeaway from 22 feet — would call it a prayer. This time, they’d be totally right.