[Gerald] Wallace did not wear a headband in his debut with the Blazers. Coach Nate McMillan has in the past said he prefers his players don’t wear them. Afterward [Wallace] said: “I felt like something was missing.” — Anne M. Peterson of the Associated Press, writing about Wallace’s first game sans headband since 2008

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  1. Isn’t there some way the Blazers can succeed this year and still lose Nate after the season is over?

    National writers, believe me, Nate’s not the fantastic coach you think he is. At least he’s running the offense through LMA in the post now, but his rotations are still questionable.

    The headband thing is just stupid.

    Wallace looked great last night, despite shooting poorly.

  2. Joe Freeman of the Oregonian tweeted that Nate was fine with Wallace wearing a headband. It must have been Wallace’s own choice not to wear it.

  3. Probably was just being a nice guy and not trying to ruffle any feathers.

  4. Completely disagree with Travis, Nate is a coach of the year this season as well as he should have been last season. There’s a reason he also gets the nod with team USA. He has masterfully rotated bench players for two winning seasons, how many coaches can say that given the injury bug that bit the Blazers. Nate is the new Popovich, Aldridge is the new Duncan..even getting the bank shot to fall this year! Wallace didn’t look great last night, he admitted he was out of sync and lost on the court. It’s understandable

  5. You’re always out of sync when you play your first game with a new team, no surprise there.

    But who cares about a headband, and I can’t believe that Nate would tell a player not to wear one. That’s just stupid coaching. I’m sure he’ll get it back soon, but it was great to see him playing last night.

  6. James Brown, Muddy Waters, B.B King and scores of professionals required guys to look sharp. Don’t have polished shoes, ties, pressed slacks you don’t get the gig. Nate’s a sharp dresser. It’s all about an atmosphere of professionalism and unity. Coach doesn’t like headbands, it’s his call. When I played hoops as a kid you wore a tie on game day. To me this is all coming from the same place. Portland has worked hard to move on from the Jail Blazers tag that had a team full of headbands. I don’t mind them but can understand the sensability behind it.

  7. Certainly there were plenty of legitimate criticisms of the Jail Blazers, especially when trying to appeal to a large white hipster community, but I found it hilarious that one of the points of conflict with the team was smoking weed. In Portland.

  8. Today Nate showed up to practice wearing a headband and then presented it to Gerald Wallace. Great respect shown by GW to do what coach wants and a humorous and respectful way for Nate to say its ok. Class acts

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