Geez, Kirk Hinrich has played two games with Josh Smith and he’s just a headband short of looking like an Eastbay catalog. Not that those neoprene sleeves don’t help, but if he were wearing any more he’d be 30 minutes in a dive pool away from being SCUBA certified.

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  1. two accessories clearly visible in before photo

  2. If he knew how to accessorize, he’d get a decent pair of shoes.

  3. I think the thumb tape in 2010 and jewelry tattoo in 2011 have to count as additional accessories. And what about the red laces, those have got to count for something.

  4. Thumb tape doesn’t count, nor does the jewelry tattoo. Why? Because these are my arbitrary rules. Also, they are too hard to separate in Photoshop.

  5. Red laces are standard with the Converse Sicks. No bonus points.

  6. This is all Josh Smith’s fault.

  7. Trey, i think you’re overlooking the obvious. Kirk hinrich hasn’t learned to accessorize, he’s just attached robotic limbs. Also, it provides an answer to hinrich’s lack of explosion. You try running fast with metal limbs.

  8. That’s what happens when you start making more money, you buy stupid shit like that.

  9. Actually, the Rec Specs aren’t an accessory; they are a necessity. Kirk recently went for a routine eye check and the doctor found an old injury/condition from when he was poked in the eye in college that, if reinjured, could cause him to go blind. Obviously, they look a little goofy but I would say worth it if he wants to see for the rest of his life.

  10. From what I’ve seen, the neoprene sleeves actually do nothing if you’re already healthy. It’s like wearing a large compression bandage.

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