Phoenix Suns 110, Indiana Pacers 108 OT
Channing Frye was like, “Whoops.” But then he was like, “Never mind.” Then the Suns were like, “Cool.”

Los Angeles Lakers 90, Oklahoma City Thunder 87
If you were wondering why it’s a big deal that the Thunder acquired Kendrick Perkins, please consider that a Perkins-less Thunder squad allowed 43 points and 28 rebounds to the Gasol/Bynum/Odom troika yesterday. He might help. Just a little bit.

Philadelphia 76ers 95, Cleveland Cavaliers 91
The Sixers are above .500 for the first time this season, which especially impressive when you realize they started 3-13. Even more impressive, according the Associated Press, this is the first time they’ve been over .500 since Nov. 6, 2009. You’ve come a long way, baby.

Minnesota Timberwolves 126, Golden State Warriors 123
37 points and 23 rebounds for Kevin Love. In one game. ‘Twas his fourth 30-20 game of the season. The rest of the NBA? They’ve got one.

Dallas Mavericks 114, Toronto Raptors 96

Orlando Magic 100, Charlotte Bobcats 86
On one hand, Stephen Jackson probably hates playing on a going-nowhere, non-contending team with no running mate. On the other hand, 35 points on 22 shots might ease that pain. On the other other hand, a loss.

Houston Rockets 91, New Orleans Hornets 89
No buzzer-beaters, no terrible misses — unless you think that Willie Green as the Hornets’ three-point shooter to try to tie the game is terrible, which it is — just a nice solid win for the Rockets. Good for them.

San Antonio Spurs 95, Memphis Grizzlies 89
Weird game. The Spurs built a 20-point lead, only to blow it by being on the wrong side of a 32-8 run in the third quarter, then won the game with an 8-0 run down the stretch. Plus, Tony Allen knocked out a referee. No, not on purpose.

New York Knicks 91, Miami Heat 86
I am not a professional basketball coach, but when you consider that LeBron James has bricked game-tying three-pointers in two of the Heat’s last three games, one would think that a new play would be in order. Again, I’m no coach, but that just seems like it’s not the way to go.

Atlanta Hawks 90, Portland Trail Blazers 83
Nice win for the Hawks, even if it’s understandable that the Blazers wouldn’t be firing on all cylinders while trying to work Brandon Roy back in to shape and integrated Gerald Wallace in to their lineup. At least the Hawks took it easy on them by intentionally starting Jeff Teague at point guard. Very courteous.

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  1. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say “LeBron goes for the game-tying 3″ is a play NOT called by the coach.

  2. The game was in knicks favor when Chauncey got that technical.
    you kno if billups get a technical, the man is pissed and bout to take over

  3. @Jay

    agreed. Opposing teams dont like it when Mr Big Shot get a T.

  4. How exactly is starting Teague a taking it easy on Portland? Outside of a couple of Andre Miller post-ups, neither he or Mathews did any real damage against Teague nor Hinrich. If the Hawks still had Bibby, or had started Crawford at the point, then that statement would have been valid. However, as it stands, both Teague and Hinrich held their own defensively.

    Neither lit it up offensively, so maybe that’s what you are eluding to?

  5. at least he was somewhat closer last night, his brick against chicago was god awful

  6. Yep, Spoelstra didn’t write that play up for lebron to take the shot. I know you’re not a coach, but go back and look at the final play again, please…you’ll see where LeBron went wrong: he was supposed to make the extra pass by swinging it to the weakside wing, where Wade was WIDE OPEN due to the play they ran, with three seconds left on the clock. I’m psyched the Knicks won, but I couldn’t help but notice and even shake my head at LeBron’s selfishness on that one. He was just frustrated that he was getting handled by Melo in the second half and wanted to stick it to the media that he could come out on top in the end….instead of giving it to Wade who was hitting. Stoops.

    Lemme getta “CHAUNCEY”, though! He was what made the trade in my mind.

  7. I think LeBron also still had this image grafted in the back of his mind…

  8. No fatboy slim youtube link? Come on now!

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