Caption this, please. Because I’ve been looking at this picture of former Washington Bullet Gheorghe Muresan chillin’ with one of the Geico cavemen for about a day and I’m still completely dumbstruck. I really need your help.

This photo needs a witty zinger accompanying it, be that zingster. Please.

(via 30fps)

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  1. Is the bold Gheorghe midway through a raised-leg fart there?

  2. Billy Crystal just texted, he wants to know if your in for “My Giant 2.”

  3. Combined, we’d look like Pau Gasol.

  4. “If we could get Charlie Sheen to party with us later, this night would be epic!”

  5. ” I’m tellin’ you Gheorghe, it’s so easy, even you could do it”

  6. “Don’t look now, Thor, but this kid up here blocking my view is about to get a size 19 foot up his ass. Muresan don’t play no shit! You feel me?”

  7. Gheorge: Dude, Carl Winslow is sitting next to me!

  8. The whole big hands and feet thing is just a myth.

  9. Two words for ya, “Electro” and “lysis”.

  10. Wanna do the “we’re twins” thing tonight at the afta party? Chicks dig twins.

  11. Wanna see my giant?

  12. Go show em how it’s done, Teenwolf.

  13. So i’m on this island, don’t ask me where, and i’m just running through the forest and I see these people. and I was like “hey people! what’s up” really loud. Then Sawyer shot me and I was like WTF?

  14. The Pau Gasol and Charlie Sheen comments are the silliest.

    I like to think that they’re not even talking. Big George is just trying to make the caveman uncomfortable by sitting awkward.

  15. Muresan tries to cash in on the Caveman’s success: So easy, Gheorghe can do it.

  16. “So, is that lizard British or Australian?”

  17. Gheorghe: i’m glad i full-body shaved before the game or people would think the Missing Link and his little cousin were at the game.

  18. “Make-up?! Of course not!” – Muresan.

  19. Me big, you caveman. You caveman, me big.

  20. “Enjoy yourself. Fifteen minutes go by faster than you’d think.”

  21. Lol the Pau Gasol comment = winner. Truly made me laugh out loud.

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