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New York Knicks at Orlando Magic
Here’s the conundrum — the Magic have had a tough time beating elite teams. So, if they beat the Knicks, does that make the Knicks a non-elite team? And if the Knicks win, what does that mean? That the Magic aren’t elite and it’s a meaningless win for New York? So confusing.

San Antonio Spurs at Memphis Grizzlies
The Grizzertons picked up Shane Battier to keep them playoff bound while Rudy Gay is hurt. Let’s see if that pays off.

Golden State Warriors at Indiana Pacers
Over/under here is 217. Feels low. Feels like we could see a nice 122-119 game. That’d be nice.

Dallas Mavericks at Philadelphia 76ers
A couple of teams with nice winning streaks — four for Philly, six for the Mavs — face off to prove just how far ahead the Western Conference is. Might not be that much, nowadays.

Houston Rockets at Portland Trail Blazers
Gerald Wallace is wearing a headband again, and that changes everything. It’ll be nice to see his headband reunited with Brad Miller’s headband after all these years.

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  1. ……..don’t get…pls help me out!!!

  2. Madonna gave Magic Johnson AIDS. cuz she’s a whore. sleeping with many, many men. some of whom may have had AIDS.

  3. Magic’s teal blazer seems as good a lead-in as any… to an ode to Craig Sager. Yep, that’s right.

  4. rumours are madonna slept with the entire knicks team and magic johnson (I’m assuming?)

    the magic played the knicks last night

    double entendre, magic vs knicks

  5. that’s so 80s… today’s equivalent would be LeBron sitting next to Lady Gaga

  6. Yeah, but Gaga would give LBJ AIDS analy. Lol

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