You make game-winning shots on back-to-back nights, you should have a nickname. Call me old fashioned, but that just seems like the right sort of thing to happen. Channing Frye has done just that, so we need to hook him up.

My suggestion: “Juicy.” Admittedly, it’s a little weird. But it fits after you’ve checked out his quote after his second game-winner. From the AP:

Frye said the shot felt perfect after it left his hand.

“It was juicy. I knew it was good,” he said.

Channing “Juicy” Frye has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? I’ll also put forth “The Chan-Chan Man,” which is a reference to the sitcom “Friends” even though I was a bigger “Seinfeld” fan growing up. Either of those works for me.

Of course, your suggestions are always welcome, so let’s hear ‘em down below. Good luck trying to top those two gems.

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  1. Channing “French” Frye

  2. the first night was a game winning two-pointer.

  3. C-Frye, or Channster.

  4. Mr. Enigma, Mr. Potato Head, WTFrye

  5. Good point, Scott. Forgot about that stupid foot on the line.

  6. Carol Channing Frye

  7. Given his propensity for the longball, Channing “Deep” Frye. Glad to see he’s putting together a nice little fryelight reel.

  8. “I bring everything…a little personality, a little leadership, a little shooting, a little defense. I’m a buffet of goodness.”

    Channing “Buffet of Goodness” Frye

  9. ^PB “Deep” Frye sounds good to me…

  10. Well since he’s draining 3′s to win games.. call him “the Deep Fryer”

  11. I like Deep Frye, good one PB. By the way when is the show coming back?

  12. Deep Frye is good. He will be “Deep” Frye to me from this moment forward.

  13. Lute called him Ham Sandwich, so I’m going to call him Ham Sandwich.

  14. DEEP Frye is about as good as it gets

  15. I’m surprised no one has said : Frying Chan.

  16. Over at Bright Side of the Sun – we’ve taken to “ICMF”

    Stands for Ice Cold something something

  17. i think his problem is that “Frye” already has a nickname-like ring to it (thanks, futurama)
    which is probably the reason why he doesn’t already have a nickname. but i also think that everybody should have a nickname so i’m going with Deep Frye.
    although i also like The Prayer. and the next team that gets beat by mr frye has the right to call the police. because they got fryolated. harr.

  18. Home Frye suits him. Glad to see him finally get in stride with the Suns. I liked him when he was a Blazer but can see he’s grown as a player with Nash and Hill to mentor him.

  19. I think I agree with the opinion that there are too many name-based joke nicknames, or name contraction nicknames proposed. Juicy is just clean and good. Deep Frye is funny, but has already worn on me after reading a few posts.

  20. I like it PB! Channing “Deep” Frye

  21. Jumping off PB’s comment:

    The human fryelight machine.

  22. Based entirely on facial resemblance and not at all on game, I’d love to see something Obama-based catch on. Barrage Obama?

  23. Channing Frye, The Educated Black Man

  24. I vote for Chobe Fryant

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