As a basketball fan reading about the NBA on a basketball website, you probably know that Deron Williams was recently traded from the Utah Jazz to the New Jersey Nets. Furthermore, since you’re such a big fan, you’re probably well aware that the Nets — the same team that just acquired Williams’ weird beard — are playing two games in London this week. Maybe you forgot, but if you’re a hoops head, you’ve at least probably heard this news, considering it’s the first time ever that regular season games are being played overseas.

Well, basketball fan, that puts you a step ahead of Deron Williams. He’s in London as we speak, but he has no idea what he’s doing there. From an NBATV interview:

I looked at the schedule and I was like, “We got all home games.” Then somebody told me two of those home games were in London and I didn’t believe it. I didn’t think you played regular games overseas, so it caught me a little bit off-guard.

Bro, look at the jersey you took a picture with on your very first day as a Net. It says London. Clearly that’s not your last name, so that should have been the first clue. Not to mention, it has a big No. 11 on it, obviously a reference to the year unless you really think the Nets were going to give you Brook Lopez’s number. In the wise words of Chris Paul: “Hashtag trippin hashtag cmonson.”

Besides the jersey though, another indicator about the London trip should have been when somebody undoubtedly said, “Ey guvna, I think I’ll have me some fish and chips tomorrow. Might just ‘ave a spot of Earl Grey tea, I reckon” in a terrible Cockney accent. Sure, Travis Outlaw’s always making jokes, but that one should have been a dead giveaway.

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  1. Well, in D-Will’s defense, the things in the shirt could have been added later. It has happened before.
    And also I haven’t read anything about the overseas games, I only knew it because I own the international league pass and they announce it in commercials.
    So I guess a guy that only focuses on playing basketball could have skipped that bit of information.

  2. I’ve know about this before the season started… Its kind of a big deal for world basketball in general. So its a little ignorant on williams’ part…

  3. and i’m really pissed off im missing those games – have an exam and cant go

    feckin’ college

  4. Well done NBA – No marketing about the games until this week when they started to send us to another NBA site advertising the game. This could of been better promoted so they don’t have empty seats at the game.

    The raps are coming to town are the TBJ too?

  5. D-Will has just been in a WTF daze. Loses HOF coach and gets blamed. Traded from a team that doesn’t make trades. And traded to the New Jersey mo-freakin’ Nets!

    This has been a crappy year for him.

    That being said, does this ignorance mean the Britts will hate him?

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