As a basketball fan reading about the NBA on a basketball website, you probably know that Deron Williams was recently traded from the Utah Jazz to the New Jersey Nets. Furthermore, since you’re such a big fan, you’re probably well aware that the Nets — the same team that just acquired Williams’ weird beard — are playing two games in London this week. Maybe you forgot, but if you’re a hoops head, you’ve at least probably heard this news, considering it’s the first time ever that regular season games are being played overseas.

Well, basketball fan, that puts you a step ahead of Deron Williams. He’s in London as we speak, but he has no idea what he’s doing there. From an NBATV interview:

I looked at the schedule and I was like, “We got all home games.” Then somebody told me two of those home games were in London and I didn’t believe it. I didn’t think you played regular games overseas, so it caught me a little bit off-guard.

Bro, look at the jersey you took a picture with on your very first day as a Net. It says London. Clearly that’s not your last name, so that should have been the first clue. Not to mention, it has a big No. 11 on it, obviously a reference to the year unless you really think the Nets were going to give you Brook Lopez’s number. In the wise words of Chris Paul: “Hashtag trippin hashtag cmonson.”

Besides the jersey though, another indicator about the London trip should have been when somebody undoubtedly said, “Ey guvna, I think I’ll have me some fish and chips tomorrow. Might just ‘ave a spot of Earl Grey tea, I reckon” in a terrible Cockney accent. Sure, Travis Outlaw’s always making jokes, but that one should have been a dead giveaway.