TBJ Top 5, featuring tall skinnies

Games and games and games tonight, Jonesers. That’s good, because nothing really sticks out as being the best game. I recommend a flip-and-switch maneuver. That should work well, considering there’s certainly fun to be had tonight.

Indiana Pacers at Oklahoma City Thunder
This should be a good one. The last time these two met, ’twas an overtime thriller. Hoping for more of the same from two of the most watchable teams in the league.

New Orleans Hornets at New York Knicks
Winner gets dibs on Old Orleans and Old York. (Dad joke.)

Chicago Bulls at Atlanta Hawks
Kirk Hinrich says guarding Derrick Rose is a “nightmare,” which is only cool if you’re Tim Burton. Pallid skin and craggly black hair notwithstanding, Kirk Hinrich is no Tim Burton.

Phoenix Suns at Boston Celtics
This game is really all about Channing Frye’s balls. Will Kevin Garnett punch them again? Will Channing show them off, yet again, by hitting another game-winner? Tune in tonight to see.

Golden State Warriors at Washington Wizards
“Get out of here, defense.” — every player in this game