Not cool, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. Anyone who watched network news with their parents in the mid-90s knows how dangerous it is to leave children and/or pets in a hot car.

At least they left him some crackers though. That was pretty nice.

(via SI)

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  1. this is funny, but it’s not white mamba funny. google it trey.

  2. Love onion sports. And Trey Kerby. And pickles (dill, not that sweet shit).

  3. Appreciate the complement, but bread-and-butter pickles are delicious.

  4. Good find! The whole thing is hilarious, but my favorite parts were the David Lee reference and their parody of the corny SportsCenter banter at the end of each show.

  5. But who was watching Eddie House?

  6. Eddie House was the funniest part of that…easily.

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