Ep. 667: Recharged, Ready

On today’s tanned (and slightly congested) show, Skeets and Tas jump right back into the NBA action. Topics include: the Kendrick Perkins trade (and subsequent OKC contract extension), Garnett’s revenge, the Suns’ bench, Hack-a-Rondo, Kirk Hinrich’s immediate effect on the Hawks and Al Horford’s monster 31-16 game. All that, plus a shout-out to our Punta Cana friends, the winner of last week’s B-Ball Picks Contest and a tough “Whoa Boy” selection. Ah, it’s good to be back.

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Comments (27)

  1. your tans are hilarious, ya catchers mitts.

  2. whoa, jeff green was not brought in to create his own shot at the end of games! he’s there to spell the truth so he doesnt have to play 40 minutes a night.

  3. I didn’t mean get his shots exclusively at the end of games, but as a bench spark to create offense at any time. And, we didn’t even mention his defensive abilities.

  4. This is probably the most tan anyone who does sports on the internet has ever been.

  5. Most people carry a nice tan well.

    You are not one of those people, Skeets.

  6. I kinda expected Snooki to show up

  7. wow you guys were gone long!

  8. Backgammon is indeed the game of kings. It’s like a classier version of Checkers, with dice! Usually adding dice to game has the reverse effect…

  9. TBJ is finally back feelsgoodman.

  10. your tans are impossible


  11. Question – What is the name of and who sings your introduction song? (it has been killing me not to know)

    keep up the good work and i’m hoping for an overdose tomorrow

  12. oh hey guys thanks for showing up

    lmfao @ jeff green as a “star”

    lmfao @ ur first real show since the trade deadline

    lmfao@ the fact u didnt talk about the knicks or melo…oi vey

  13. I’m 40 seconds into this episode, and it’s like watching the movie Soul Man.

    I’ll take it. Welcome back.

  14. Don’t dismiss March Madness so readily. That is where rookies come from. It’s not like David Stern dresses up as a stork and drops them off at the draft.

  15. I’m glad to know there’s no Melo talk…..I feel like I can’t get away from it….and thrilled that there’s Perk Talk. I can’t get to the afternoon soon enough!

  16. LOL at Skeets’ tan, it looks like he has third degree burns.

  17. Nice sweater Tas, you seem to blend into the desk.

    And what about the crazy street-sweeper making a cameo appearance at the 4:30 mark?

    Good to have you back boys

  18. That is a nice looking jacket Tas

  19. homer alert as always:

    I have no problem with running up the score in any professional sport. These guys get paid millions for playing sports. In my mind, any rules about not being embarrased go out the window. So, if people want to put their starters out there when they’re already up, and they want them to keep shooting, I’m fine with it. These aren’t kids at the YMCA……but they should expect the other team to be trying to take them out.

    However, by that same token, I think that teams getting the score run up on them SHOULD be expected to try to hurt/injure guys on the other team. And, then I think all of this gets sorted out. Winning coaches don’t want to go too easy, but they also don’t want their guys to get hurt.

    So, I have no issue with Rondo taking that shot (and I don’t know why the Suns do since they were so insistent on dragging the game out). I also have no issue with Dudley clobbering him on the shot. Both guys doing what I think they should.

    However, the Suns announcers were calling Rondo a classless punk and calling the whole team classless and applauding Dudley for clobbering him. One of the Suns announcers said on TV “I wish he had kept coming instead of taking it back out so Dudley could have gotten under him and sent him into the cameras”.

    Fine, I support that view. But, it doesn’t seem to really fit with the Suns view that Kevin Garnett commited some kind of heinous act by going after Frye when the Celtics were getting blown out.

  20. Please do not go on holiday near deadlines again. Strategically not very smart, I think.

  21. Did anyone else notice that forklift outside?

    Anyway I’m not sure I buy the Jeff Green as a spark off the bench idea when they had to give up their best energy player besides Big Baby in Nate Robinson, not to mention their only backup point guard who isnt injured or suspended constantly. It just doesnt seem like a gain, at best its breaking even. Relying on the traveling Oneal Circus in the playoffs just doesnt seem like the best idea to me

  22. @david b Do you have selective hearing?

  23. welcome back, ya tanned bums.

    wait, that came out wrong.

  24. Ah, fuck Canada, March Madness breeds future NBA stars

  25. Tas, how many stars do you believe are in the league. (I’m not asking sarcastically.) I believe there are roughly 30 stars (meaning all-star caliber). Some teams have no stars, a very lucky few have 3, and maybe once or twice per decade there will be a team with 4 stars.

  26. I definitely define ‘stars’ differently. To me, it’s someone who excels at a couple facets of the game. A star will one day, or already has, been mentioned in consideration for an all-star appearance. ‘All-star’ is a step up from a ‘star’. It’s totally subjective, obvs.

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