Last night, Kevin Garnett played 32 minutes and 53 seconds worth of technical-free basketball against the Phoenix Suns. Pretty impressive, considering the last time those two teams got together Garnett was ejected after playing ball-tap with Channing Frye. Nonetheless, even though he played almost an entire game without getting T’d up, Garnett managed to get his 10th technical of the season in the game’s final 17 seconds. Classic.

This time around, however, the tech wasn’t for something silly like poking an opponent in the Charles Dickens. No, this time, it was for fighting with an opposing coach. So, a different kind of silly, I guess. From the Boston Globe:

[With] the game sewn up, Garnett chose to get the last word in.

“Alvin Gentry was asking me for tickets to the first round of the playoffs,’’ Garnett said. “I told him I’d hook him up.’’

Garnett took Gentry’s words personally and responded on the floor, putting up his sixth straight double-double. All Gentry could do was bark from the bench.

“It’s very uncommon,’’ Garnett said of beefing with a coach. “But they’re an uncommon team.’’

On one hand, that’s a pretty nice zing by Mr. Serious. The Suns are currently out of the playoffs, so that’s a deep burn. Well played. On the other hand, still kinda got in a fight with an opposing coach. Not quite as well played.

Of course, hearing it from Doc Rivers, KG was totally justified to take on the Suns’ bench:

“The tech at the end of the game, I thought was not a great tech in my opinion. I thought their bench, their coaches, were talking, which I don’t think you should ever do if you have a suit and tie on and actually can’t play. I don’t think you should be doing a lot of talking to players on the floor.’’

Fair enough, then. If Doc Rivers is OK with Garnett talking back to the coaches and inactive players, then I guess we should be too. After all, very few of us have been an All-Star, Coach of the Year and NBA champion. If anybody would know if that’s kosher, it’d be him. We’ll let this minor transgression slide, I suppose.

But if Garnett stiffs Gentry on those tickets — well, that’s another story.

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  1. Wonder if Doc felt the same about KG’s yapping during the 09 playoffs.

  2. I dislike KG’s attitude on the court in general, but that was actually a pretty nice zing.

  3. KG’s list of haters is on a roll this season… Welcome Gentry ya big ol’ goofball

  4. Man I love Garnett…dude is one half DMX and one half Dane Cook.
    Always keeps me rolling…

  5. I don’t get why Alvin is asking KG for first round tickets, is he saying that Boston are going out in the first?

  6. @JdotD

    KG was being sarcastic, Gentry really didnt ask him for tickets, that was KGs way of saying he doesent think PHX is going to make the playoffs.

  7. Trey, your rants on Garnett are very entertaining. I mean, his “extracurricular activities” have blessed you with some very funny content. I’m a KG fan and have become a fan of yours, too. So I am looking forward to more of your ramblings fired by your personal feud.

  8. This post assumes that KG “got into the fight” with the coach. Everything I hear suggests that Gentry was talking shit first when that technical was issued. KG still shouldn’t have said anything, but I’m just saying we haven’t heard a peep today from anyone about how Alvin Gentry was out of line.

  9. Except Doc obviously, but I mean people covering this stuff.

  10. and you’re not going to hear anything about it Nick because its much too convenient to paint KG as the bad guy. it makes writing rants like this in the future much easier.

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