Knicks fans are greedy

After a months-long courtship, the New York Knicks finally finalized a trade for the one and only Carmelo Anthony. He’s been in the Big Apple for five games, during which the Knickerbockers have won 60 percent of their games. So, you’d think those fans would be pretty content with their new superstar, right?

Wrong. From the New York Daily News:

[Chris Paul] drew chants from the crowd.

They were hardly of “We Want Me-lo!” proportions, but “We want Paul!” and “CP3!” could still be heard late into the fourth quarter.

Paul said he heard nothing.

“If they said that, it’s an honor,” he said. “But I’m more focusing on what I have to do to help us win.”

Oh c’mon, New York. Let some other teams enjoy their own superstars for once. If it’s not LeBron James, it’s Carmelo Anthony. If it’s not Carmelo Anthony, it’s Chris Paul. If it’s not Chris Paul, it’s Brian Cardinal. Just take a chill pill (1995) and enjoy the TWO superstars who are already on your team.

Besides, you’re going to make Chauncey feel bad. He’s a person too, you know?