Just two games tonight, but they should be interesting and important. Interesting because they feature good teams, important because seeing how all these teams play each other might be a little bit of a playoff preview. Learn something tonight.

Orlando Magic at Miami Heat
OK, Magic — you’ve beat the Lakers, Thunder and Knicks recently, which is pretty great. Another win tonight would go a long way towards proving you’re not an Eastern Conference afterthought.

Denver Nuggets at Utah Jazz
Totally different game than it would have been a month ago, but that just makes things a tad more compelling. The Nuggets could be a scary playoff out for all we know, and the Jazz need to start winning some games if they’re going to even make the playoffs. Very interesting.

Babies Behind Bars (TLC — 10pm ET)
I’m not sure what this is, but I don’t think they should put babies in prison. They’re just babies, put them in a crib and let them cry it out.

Jersey Shore (MTV — 10pm ET)
Sammi’s back, you guys. Ron is going to be so mad and not because of roid rage this time.

Without Bias (ESPN Classic — 11pm ET)
Once the real basketball is done with, hop over here for some footage of one of the best who never was. Maybe not the most fun thing to watch before you go to bed, but it’s better than Miley Cyrus on Jimmy Fallon.