Defense is 90 percent perspiration and 10 percent inspiration. No, sorry, that’s success. But I’m sure that the defense percentage breakdowns are fairly similar. Probably like 5 percent is left for doing hilarious things, judging by these two pictures from last night’s games.

On the left, we’ve got Al Harrington’s stomach devouring C.J. Miles’ head on a drive to the basket. On the right, Quentin Richardson tries to grimace LeBron James in to a turnover as he drives to the basket. Both are innovative tactics, but which do you think is more effective? Hit the jump for gigantic pictures and thorough explanations of each player’s strategy.

This is actually pretty good defense. Harrington obviously is cutting Miles off from the basket by keeping his body between the ball and the rim. It just so happens to look hilarious because Al’s kinda got a chubby belly. Sometimes, chubby belly’s get hungry. Trust me on that one.

Then there’s this picture, which might go down with Kyle Korver’s legendary snapshot as one of the greatest hilarious defense pictures in NBA history. It’s not quite as good as Korver’s, but it’s still pretty amazing. The face, the fact that Q seems to be hovering, whatever his right arm is doing — it’s all good, baby bay-bay. Just a guy who looks like he saw “Two Girls, One Cup” as he’s playing defense. Easy to understand why he’d get blown-by if that’s the case.

So yeah, pretty sure I know how the vote’s going to go down here. Nonetheless, let’s all talk about how silly these pictures are. Basketball’s the best.