If you haven’t seen the end of last night’s Nuggets/Jazz game, check out this video to see Andrei Kirilenko make a terrific defensive play followed immediately by a completely boneheaded offensive play. It was a stunning turn of events immediately succeeded by another stunning turn of events. These events, they were turning and they were stunning. As Justin Timberlake, founder of Napster, said, “The shoe is on the other table, which has turned.” That’s exactly what happened.

But even though these shoes, tables and events were turning so much, the game still ended how you thought it would way back when Kenyon Martin took the ball from the net and got ready to pass the ball inbounds — the Nuggets won. Amazingly, the hero was Kenyon Martin, who made two terrifically dumb plays back-to-back. The first was the pass, the second was poking at the ball while he was still out of bounds. The funny part is that second dumb play won the Nuggets the game. From the the Denver Post:

“It was a brain fart,” said Martin, who actually reached out and touch the ball in Kirilenko’s hands — from out of bounds — during that final play. “My eyes got big. . . . I fumbled the ball right to him. But if I wouldn’t have hit the ball, he would have laid it up.”

Good brain fart, Method Man. One of the best, really. Well, not the first one, when you threw the ball right to the guy standing directly in front of you. That was bad. But the second one, where you illegally poked the ball out of his hands as he was shooting the tying layup, that was a good one. Game saver.

Unfortunately for the Jazz, that brain fart’s not reviewable under current replay rules. Probably because league executives never imagined that such a play would ever happen. You don’t see a turnover that close to the basket during a 2-point game with one second remaining happen that often. Might be something to investigate, since you’re not supposed to be able to play defense while you’re out of bounds.

Oh well, next time this incredibly rare bang-bang-bang play happens, I’m sure they’ll get it right.

(image via 30fps)

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  1. Exactly why they should change the Review rule – and be able to review ANY suspicious play, regardless of circumstances.

    On a different note – it appears the ball was in Kirilenko’s hands (fumbled or not) when the light went off?

  2. I don’t know all the details of instant replay rules but isn’t determining if something went out of bounds and off of who included in reviewable plays? and like any play in the final 2 minutes the refs went and reviewed it. considering how quickly they reviewed it it seemed like the refs themselves didn’t understand what the ruling should be.

    I know nothing can be changed now but it’s amazing that the Jazz aren’t protesting more loudly about this. I guess nobody even noticed at the time, including CWebb and Dick Stockton.

  3. that’s twice in a month that a russian guy has crushed the hopes of jazz fans.

  4. Couldn’t have said it better, Benson.

  5. So…. you mor(m)ons think that Prokkhorov is responsible for Williams leaving?
    He isn’t… the Jazz owner and GM are…

  6. Am I the only one who thinks the score keeper made a huge mistake in this game??? With Denver leading 78-76 Utah scored to tie the game at 78, but the scorer gave the basket to Denver and the board showed 80-76, Denver leading. A few seconds later the clock disappeared for about a minute, in which time Denver and Utah both scored a basket to make it 80-80. The score then reappeared but now it had Utah up 82-78. I rewound three or four times to make sure and kept waiting for a correction that never came. No one noticed the mistake. Am I wrong? Crazy???

  7. Utah has had great luck this year. They’re bound to draft a superstar this summer.

  8. [...] to happen.The cruel irony of this whole thing is that the Nuggets won a game last month thanks to a non-reviewable botched call. Something tells me they’d trade that victory for this one in the amount of time it takes for [...]

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