Ever wonder why Kevin Garnett is always scowling, beating his chest and screaming? Well, he’s got tiger blood in his veins. (Duh.) And, like Charlie Sheen, he only has one speed: Go! Check out this exclusive TBJ interview with the NBA’s most epic power forward.

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Comments (24)

  1. This is pure gold!

  2. This is really, really dumb. But I fully support anything that positions KG as the jackass he is. #allidoiswin

  3. Two great moments: “you should have read the directions” and “what does Paul Pierce have to do with any of this”.

    I’m glad to see you guys back. Great job with the All-Star vids, as always.

  4. What are you guys? Canadian? Not funny at all

  5. Wow. Very mixed response in the comments section, eh?

    I liked it. Great job, guys. Kind of reminded me of the Tyler Hansbrough one. Really funny stuff.

  6. Who approved this? this is dumb, this is why I spend extra $$ every month to watch espn sportscentre and not this nonsense! C’mon Score…you’re better than this!

  7. Haha! Wow, glad you guys released this today – and not Monday, eh? Way to be three days later than Michael Ignatieff on a joke. That means you’re really hip. A Charlie Sheen joke on Friday of this week, is that even worth doing? Maybe you guys should go back to trolling Twitter for a reasonable concept. Frauds.

  8. These comments are winning!

  9. Wow either a lot of charlie sheen fans or K.G. fans. lol

  10. whats with the guy with the pink shirts hands in the beginning its like hes trying to tell us he has a vagina

  11. This video was pure journalism brilliance. Watchin it I thought my face was going to melt!

  12. Every time the Heat lose “Pat Riley” starts trending on Twitter.

    You knew Popovich had this game circled on the Calendar since this summer. The man hates hype.

  13. Can all the Heat nuthuggers stop acknowledging them as contenders now?

  14. LMAO. These haters are fucking hilarious. I mean, shit, if you are gonna hate, this is the way to go (the funny way):

    ‘what are you guys? Canadian? Not funny at all.’

    ‘this is why I spend extra $$ every month to watch espn sportscentre (sic) and not this nonsense!’

    ‘Maybe you guys should go back to trolling Twitter for a reasonable concept.’

    ‘… its like hes trying to tell us he has a vagina.’

  15. since when did so many dickheads start commenting here?

  16. I think they are only people redirected here from twitter, thank you charlie!

  17. Don’t worry TBJ, these haters just can’t process this comedy gold with their normal brains.

  18. Funny stuff guys. Even more hilarious comments.

    TBJ. Winning as always.

  19. I love how Tas is rockin’ the Vagina hands in the opening stand-up. Well done guys.

  20. Not as good as the Charlie Brown/Charlie Sheen edit, but still good. The Paul Pierce line was gold. What would really seal this would be a follow up video with Doc Rivers backing up everything that KG “said” regardless of how ludicrous. It’s sad that Charlie Sheen has no one backing him up so vigorously.

  21. buncha haters up in here. Stop hatin’

  22. That photo of KG at the start makes me think that he could play a very good villain in a movie, that shit’s creeping me out. He wouldn’t even have to change his personality.

  23. HAHAHA…vagina hands…gold.

    Comments might be funnier than the video.


  24. haha, you got tiger blood? KG’s “TONS” expression was hilarious!

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