You know what’s funny? When Chris Bosh doesn’t actually get hit in the face, he collapses to the floor like all of his bones liquefied at the exact same time. But when he does get hit in the face, he just goes about his business then cries about it after the game.

I know everybody loves it when Bosh does something stupid, but this is just getting ridiculous. Thursday night is becoming an ongoing series of “Like A Bosh” deleted scenes.

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  1. and this was the moment, that initiated the waste of a 20-point-lead.

  2. Kevin Love enjoys balls to the face too

  3. LOL….bosh is the gift that keeps on giving. in the face!!

  4. Bosh: Hey ‘Bron, Hey ‘Bron, over here, here, pass me the ball, pass me the ball! Man no one ever passes me the ball!

    LeBron: SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!

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