Orlando Magic 99, Miami Heat 96
I bet Mike Miller is wishing he wouldn’t have taken his sweet time shooting that 75-footer he made at the end of the first half. You know, the one that would have been worth three points but didn’t count because he shot it after the buzzer even though he had enough time to get it off before the horn sounded. Feels like those three points could have come in handy last night.

Denver Nuggets 103, Utah Jazz 101
On one hand, Andrei Kirilenko almost made one of the most amazing game-ending plays ever by stealing an inbounds pass under the basket while down two with one second remaining. On the other hand, he totally botched the layup, pretty much airballing the shot from less than a foot away. On the third hand (alien), Kenyon Martin definitely touched the ball while he was still standing out of bounds, so it’s not totally AK47′s fault. Tough, weird way for the Jazz to tally their eighth loss in nine games.