Why Marcus Banks didn’t make it

“Male fashion model.” — Marcus Banks’ response to what he really wanted to do in life, according to Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

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  1. Whatever. Marcus Banks needs to focus on basketball. He’s capable being a good player in someone’s rotation next year. He hasn’t really played a lot since he was in Phoenix/Miami. He’s a little of an erratic player but is very talented. He’s very strong, athletic, and he super quick + fast. He a great ball handler and very offensive minded. He’s more of a scoring point guard, who can get hot from 3 and can get to the basket. He can also play tremendous on ball defense (Just constantly getting steals and harrassing his man; but very foul prone) (reaches a lot). He is a wild card, but he’s still too talented to pass up on.

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