Hey, the Miami Heat — stop taking long jumpers with the game on the line. You have two of the top five free throw shooters per game in the NBA, they’ll probably get to shoot some free throws if they go to the basket. Of course, then they’d have to make free throws which seems to be a problem, so nevermind. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

Or don’t. Probably don’t. Probably figure something else out.

(via SB Nation)

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  1. Is it possible to overdose on schadenfreude? I think I’m getting to that point.

  2. How many missed important shots at the end of games will it take for Spoelstra to see that he has other options than LeBron forcing shots?!?!

  3. Soulja Boi was a nice touch…

  4. @Stefan

    You sure about that? Looking at that reel it seems to me that everybody gets attempts at winning/tying games, even players who shouldn’t get those shots (Chris Bosh from 3, really? Eddie has had more clutch shots attempts than Wade is seems). LeBron has been passing on up good shots and hoisting bad ones.

    The main problem, from games I’ve seen, is that the plays “drawn” by Spoelstra are garbage. Not one of those plays even make sense. Even Kobe’s isolations seem like utter brilliance (mainly because he makes it look easy) compared to what “Spo” is doing there. Someone on that team needs to man up and tell the team “That’s my shot to take, and here’s the play we should do” Like Kobe did in ’08 with team USA.

  5. Well, of course it has to be Heat for people start putting videos of their misses..

  6. why is Likeabosh shooting threes for the win/tie?? why is lebrick shooting threes 2 meters behind the 3pt line? The nice pose end follow through is there but that is not enough…

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