Chicago Bulls 87, Miami Heat 86
There is certainly an argument to be made that the Bulls are the best team in the Eastern Conference. Between their record against top teams, their performance against the West and the fact that they’re the one team near the top of the standings that isn’t trying to integrate players in to their system, it’d be a worthwhile argument. Of course, the argument against this is that stupid loss to the Hawks from last Wednesday.

Los Angeles Lakers 99, San Antonio Spurs 83
I guess this is why not a lot of people consider the Spurs serious championship contenders. That’s silly, but a bad home loss to the two-time defending champs makes it a little less silly.

Philadelphia 76ers 127, Golden State Warriors 117 OT
Two straight triple-doubles for Andre Iguodala, which is awesome. However, it’s a tad less awesome when you realize he needed overtime to get the second one, and that the last Sixer to have back-to-back trip-dubs was Aaron McKie. Not the loftiest of company.

Detroit Pistons 113, Washington Wizards 102
Welcome back, Tayshaun Prince.

New Orleans Hornets 96, Cleveland Cavaliers 81
The Hornets actually won a game they should have won, so that’s good. Not good is Chris Paul smacking his head in to Ramon Sessions’ shoulder, sending the Hornets point guard to the hospital with a concussion. Scary play, and Paul will be out for at least tonight’s game against the Bulls. Hopefully longer because concussions are terrible.

New York Knicks 92, Atlanta Hawks 79
Fourth-lowest point total for the Hawks this season, and it doubles as the Knicks’ best defensive performance of the year. I don’t know what’s happening.

Oklahoma City Thunder 122, Phoenix Suns 118 OT
29 points, two huge threes and just a nice game for Vince Carter. However, he did kind of miss free throws that would have given the Suns the lead with 17 seconds remaining. Pretty much the Vince Carteriest game you can imagine.

Memphis Grizzlies 104, Dallas Mavericks 103
Zach Randolph sees Dirk Nowitzki’s high-arcing clutch jumper and raises him a higher-arcing, more clutch jumper. Randolph takes the pot.

Boston Celtics 89, Milwaukee Bucks 83
Each team had six players who got DNPs for various reasons — injuries, being Michael Redd, hadn’t joined the team yet, etc. — but this game still turned out exactly as you’d expect. I think that’s called destiny.