The Bulls beat the Heat (rhymes for days), the Heat cried about it, Erik Spoelstra said it was just “sensationalism” and that the Heat weren’t really crying and that they just had “glossy eyes,” which are a sure-fire sign that someone has been — or will soon be — crying. You know the story. Probably had some laughs about it too, since that’s the thing to do with any and all Heat embarrassments.

Well, get ready for more laughs, because Ron Artest weighed in on CryPortcullis. In typical Ron Artest fashion, it’s equal parts sage and silly. From the Los Angeles Times’ transcription of his NBATV appearance:

“In my psychology sessions, I sometimes cry with my therapist,” he said. “We cry and hug each other; hold each other and talk. I think it’s a good thing to cry and let your emotions out rather than keep it inside.”

Artest went on to say that he hoped someone was there to hug those Heat players who were hurting, adding “I would have hugged them and got some ice cream.”

So perfect. Yes, crying’s OK and can be a good thing. Yes, keeping your emotions bottled up is a bad thing, so it’s best to just let them out. And yes, ice cream and hugs usually makes things better. It’s pretty obvious that Ron Artest knows what he’s talking about here. The mental health spokesman has become the mental health teacher, to paraphrase an old saying.

And really, that should be the last word on TearsTurnstile. Once Ron Artest has perfectly summed everything up, then followed that with a nice zing, nothing more really needs to be said. Don’t know about you, but I’m very OK with him being the voice of reason.