On today’s show, Skeets and Tas celebrate International Women’s Day by naming every WNBA player they know. Seconds later, they check in on the ‘Melo/Amar’e chemistry combo, take a closer look at Tony Allen’s defense and Mike Conley’s contract, and tell you why Nina Simone should make you a Grizzlies fan. All that, plus a Bobcat defector looks for a new team, MVP haikus and the most athletic piece of IKEA furniture you’ve ever seen. Enjoy.

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Comments (29)

  1. I lost it at “Droppin’ some coins on me.”

  2. How about, “Stacey Dawes what?”

  3. I looked up lobbo and all I could find was creepy german underwear. What is the lobbo that Tas is talking about?

  4. Tas “Puns” Melas was talking about a sick lampshade: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/NEW-IKEA-LOBBO-LAMP-SHADE-YELLOW-/120642713596


  5. Regarding flagrant fouls, the definition of such a fould is “unnecessary and/or excessive contact.” It makes perfect sense that Dwight Howard (and Shaq, and other such types) would be highly unlikely to have flagrant fouls committed against them. If a guy is that huge, the amount of contact needed to keep them from getting his shot off/keep him from getting a rebound is, necessarily, much greater. Short of simply shoving the guy in the back in midair, it’s hard to imagine much contact that’s unnecessary or excessive when dealing with giants. Which is a long way of saying, give the refs their due for getting one thing right–it’s probably the only thing they’ll get right all season.

  6. How could you have forgotten Candace Parker?

  7. How could you forget 4x WNBA Champion and 3x WNBA MVP Sheryl Swoopes? And how about Cheryl Miller?

  8. Candace Parker!

  9. Can we get some video of you guys at open gym??? Preferably in the leopard print from pole dancing class.

    Seriously though, I wanna see yall hoopin….

  10. In response to AJR:
    the NBA’s loose definition of flagrant foul is exactly the problem. “Unneccessary and/or excessive” is about the most subjective criteria as you’ll find in any set of rules. It would be useful if they added the stipulation about whether the defender tried to intentionally make contact with the shooter (as they do in FIBA, and as the NFL does in pass interference situations). As the rule is stated, big men will get a vastly different call every night depending on the ref. Dwight is frustrated because the rules change on him every night.

  11. C.J. just sucked some dick. Sue Bird. It was windy as shit here in SoCal. Boris Dee-ow, not Dee-aw. Formidabluh, ha ha

  12. As great as the Bulls are this season, if I were dumping Charlotte, I’d have to pick another team because of Jordon’s legacy there. Want to see an exciting team start to jell this season and then root for them next season to take the prize. Rip City! Great coach and starting lineup plus experienced bench, best fans in the league and Oden and Camby for a whole season!

  13. @Jeby: I don’t disagree with you, I think the flagrant foul definition is unduly amorphous. But all the players/coaches know that going in, and have to deal with the rule as it exists. If they want to lobby for a rule change, more power to them, but they shouldn’t complain that the rule that currently exists (and of which they are all too aware) is being called incorrectly.

  14. The Grizzlies used to play their home games in a pyramid. A freakin’ pyramid! You don’t gain supporters by moving out of a pyramid and into “FedEx Forum”.

  15. lol great “tuckability” of the jersey.

  16. Arsenal vs Barcelona about to start!!!!

  17. Messi with a beauty!

  18. Guys, that was embarrassing. You could only mention like 8 players (between the two of you!) and most of them have been retired for ages.

  19. A couple years ago the Grizzlies were giving season tickets to people in return for their tax returns. I don’t know how people aren’t down watching that team every night.

    Sue Bird is awesome.

    Get with a winner Kevin. The Celtics. 17 titles. No Kobe Bryant. You can spend the next few years watching Rondo, who in my biased opinion might be the most fun player in the league to watch.

  20. Iniesta is just incredible, soccer fans.

  21. Great pass from him. Barca is gonna come back!! Attack attack attack!

  22. Xavi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Messi again!!! Smooth like butta’.

  24. back to basketball (partly because i’m an arsenal fan) and the bandwagon topic – how can you not mention the clippers?!? come on guys! they’re fun to watch, they’ll grow with us, they’ll fail constantly but ever since blake they’ll fail with a lot of effort and maybe, just maybe, this time the management won’t srew it up completely. and THEN imagine the glory. the clippers – winning (zing). if that doesn’t sound rewarding i don’t know what does. i kinda always felt for the club but now i’m actually a fan! so come on and join the clippers bandwagon before it gets too crowded!
    btw and i say this even though i have kobe’s jersey from that other ballclub from l.a. at home (from his rookie season btw! which without a doubt proves that i’m a prophet when it comes to bandwagons and you should trust my judgement. i also own grant hill’s jersey though)

  25. ps oh and “i learned that word at the bookclub meeting”? genius.

  26. Sue Bird? Marion Jones? And nobody would have corrected you if you came up with a name like Loquisha Jackson. This could have gone on for longer than it did.

  27. Nice Freudian slip there Tas. I am sure those that champion the cause of International Women’s Day would be none too appreciative of you naming Lisa Sparxxx (Do not Google as it is very NSFW) as a WNBA player.

  28. dang…you guys couldnt name sue bird, angel mccaughtry, candace parker, tina thompson, sylvia fowles, cappie pondexter and that all i can name off the top of my head lol

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