Four very watchable games tonight, plus Milwaukee/Washington and Golden State/Cleveland. Pretty much a toss-up there. Have fun tonight, bros.

Philadelphia 76ers at Indiana Pacers
Sure, these two teams are battling for the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference and are a combined six games under .500. That doesn’t mean a game between two of the most watchable League Pass teams won’t be awesome, because it will. Just you wait and see.

Portland Trail Blazers at Miami Heat
Interesting gameski, right chea. Portland’s coming off three straight wins, Miami four straight losses. As my good bros Drowning Pool would say, “Something’s got to give.”

Houston Rockets at Phoenix Suns
Big-time blood match, what with Goran Dragic returning to Phoenix for the first time since the blockbuster trade between these two teams. (I’m using “blockbuster” in the “going out of business, basically” form of the word.)

Los Angeles Lakers at Atlanta Hawks
Let’s see if the Hawks can pull off another big win by making things ugly. It worked against the Bulls and I’m guessing they’re hoping it works against the Lakers.

Chef’s Choice
For reference: The Bucks/Wizards game is salisbury steak and the Warriors/Cavs game is chili crispitos. Tough choice, I know.