Portland Trail Blazers 89, Orlando Magic 85
No Dwight Howard for the Magic, but still a nice win for Portland. It’s their third straight and their 10th win in their last 13 games as they’ve made a furious — yes, furious — charge towards the fifth seed in the West. Kind of a big deal since that means playing the Thunder in the first round, rather than the Lakers.

Los Angeles Clippers 92, Charlotte Bobcats 87
I’m with Melas — let’s keep the Bobcats out of the playoffs. The Pacers are far more enjoyable to watch. With that in mind, way to go Clippers.

New York Knicks 131, Utah Jazz 109
Looks like the Knicks have figured out their defensive strategy. It goes something like, “Score so many points it doesn’t matter how many the other team gets.” Pretty effective, sometimes.

Chicago Bulls 85, New Orleans Hornets 77
Derrick Rose had 24 points on 21 shots and added nine assists in a game that went exactly how you’d expect it to go for a Hornets team that had no Chris Paul or Trevor Ariza. Just kinda happened.

Memphis Grizzlies 107, Oklahoma City Thunder 101
In case you haven’t noticed, that’s wins over the Spurs, Mavericks and Thunder in the past week for Memphis. They’re two games up on the Suns for the eighth seed in the West and they’re the best ticket in town. Very weird to type this about the Grizzlies.

Dallas Mavericks 108, Minnesota Timberwolves 105
You’re not going to believe this, but Brian Cardinal won this game for the Mavericks. Not a joke. He went 4-8 from three while Dirk Nowitzki was on the bench in foul trouble and that’s very weird, like the Memphis Grizzlies being an entertaining playoff team.

Houston Rockets 123, Sacramento Kings 101
Six guys in double-figures for both teams, but the Rockets’ guys double-figures were higher numbers so that’s pretty much the story.

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  1. The Mavs are like a Swiss army knife. So many different blades, saws, a corkscrew. And a Cardinal.

    Right now it seems the Grizzlies have made all the right decisions in the last weeks or even months (never mind the delayed Mayo trade). Got a veteran PG in Jason Williams to lead the bench, got Battier for Thabeet, picked up Leon Powe. More minutes for Tony Allen and Sam Young, more shots for Darrell Arthur. If they can integrate Rudy Gay into that well-working team, maybe the West has to…beware of the bear. “Fear the deer” sounded better, I get it.

  2. how r u gonna hate on the Knicks defense
    none of the jazz starters scored in double digits besides Jefferson.
    u should be critizing the jazz for their lack of defense cuz they suck at it

  3. Amarmelo? Not Carmare?

  4. @ Ben
    It’s obvious he didn’t watch the game, probably just skimmed the box score. It’s that sort of dedication to his job that makes Trey Kerby’s commentary invaluable..and by invaluable I mean worthless.

  5. @ Cody
    clearly he doesnt look at boxscore either becuz look at the box score on defensive end
    Blocks: Jazz-2 to the Knicks-5
    Steals: Jazz-6 to the Knicks-10
    Turnovers: Jazz-20 to the Knicks-15

    the jazz may have had more offensive but clearly they cant do shyt once they get it becuz the knicks play defense

  6. Relax, guys. It’s a comment saying that the Knicks are really good at offense.

  7. Not to mention, the Knicks gave up 111.2 points per 100 possessions last night, which would be fourth-worst in the league. Not great defense.

  8. That is a misleading stat considering the 4th quarter was garbage time.

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